Cognizant (CTS) HR Threatens to Commit Forgery against Employees

If we all were shocked by what is going on in Cognizant (CTS), where 1000s of employees are forced to resign by HR, things get worse by the day. Now CTS HR has resorted to threatening illegal forgery to get what they are after – sending out xxxx number of employees within specified time frame.

forced resignation

“asking to resign..when I said no, he told me they will auto generate it and will give discharge letter “

Read excerpts from employees conversation

1. “Today I had the discussion again with HR..same thing..asking to resign..when I said no, she told me they will auto generate it and will give discharge letter not release letter..and with this I won’t be getting job anywhere. There is anything as such discharge letter?

“Can you ask HR what she means by auto generate? Is she meaning termination?”

“She never used the word termination.. She told that they will deal with it in their own way..they will give discharge certificate instead of released letter.. Auto generate resignation means you are made to opt for the second option forcefully.”

“Is that not forgery?”

“Yeah.. But tat s Wat they do if yo don put resignation yourself..Yo will receive a mail tat resignation is auto generated. Is that a correct way to do? Whether any other company has done like this? Is that legal?”


Cyber criminals take money from internet users, CTS HR threatens to take resignation letter from employees!

2. “One of my friends said that hr had offered him the same 2 options. N he selected the 4 months pay option. Now hr says the company policy has changed n he will be given only 2 months salary.”

3. “I heard from one of my colleague that his friend refused to resign and so they auto generated resignation and now he s serving notice. These people will do anything to get rid of us it seems..”

“Ask him to talk to lawyer. If he can vouch for it, it can be a forgery complaint. This is very bad…pucca cheating… we need to complain to law dept or police. The affected person shd do that.”


This shows the levels to which corporate HR stoops. No heed to labour laws, no respect to the rights of employees, not even hesitant to resort to criminal acts.

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    • G AravindRam on June 21, 2017 at 8:25 pm
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    Cognizant has cheated my as well…. please call me at 9885567081 will explain the problem

    • G AravindRam on June 21, 2017 at 8:27 pm
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    The Respected Officer,

    Shri Vinod Kumar
    Director and PGO

    Labour and Employment Govt of India

    From past couple of months I am being continuously trying to approach my office Cognizant and Labor Depts., etc

    My Emp code : 321262 Name G Aravind Ram, M/s Cognizant Technology Solution Gachibowli Hyderabad office.

    After working for 5.4 Years in this organization, they have started lay off and forcible terminations were conducted and I am one amoung, at that time the Talent Manager spoke and clearly told me to giving the 6 months salary for the short time and immediate termination, same day I have approached all the govt organization and office top management (All all voice and email evidences ) about the issue and they have not given the proper time.

    Now, what ever they promised not given and Gratuity not given and rest all the formalities were completed. Without Job from past 2 months were suffering and I have 2 school going children 2 daughters, Mother, Wife and Sister depended on my salary only.

    I was searching a lot for the employment and also I am approaching this office top management and others but none of them were investigating nor responding with the resolution. Please give me the time will explain the loss how it got occurred and how I am caught.

    Please understand the problem and save us.


    G Aravind Ram

    Cell: 9885567081

    Copy to : Cognizant Top Management

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