Press Release: “Cognizant, Stop illegal and unethical retrenchment against Employees”

While all the sectors of the economy are struggling hard to survive during the COVID-19 lockdown, we know that the IT sector emerged almost unscathed and is continuing to perform well until now. All credits goes to the employees who worked overtime to ensure the continuity of business amid uncertain situations. But when all is well, the management of various IT companies have started to lay off their employees.

We came to know that Cognizant (CTS) is now actively pursuing to lay off,  several of their employees at various locations in Chennai. Many of our union members have come to us complaining about the resignation threats made by HR over email and through telephone.

Citing the Covid-19 situation many employees were released from the project and moved to bench. All employees who enter into bench will be given a 35 day time to upskill. But they will not get any interviews scheduled during this period and at the end of 35 days period, they will be given another 6 days extension within which the employee has to find another project which is impossible.

After the 41 day period in Bench, the management is forcing the employee to initiate the separation process. If the employee is not ready to resign they start getting threatening calls from HR warning that they will initiate the termination process. We also came to know that several employees were already sent out by the end of last month.

NDLF-IT Employees Wing strongly condemns the illegal, unethical practices by CTS HR. We demand that CTS immediately stop the forced resignations and illegal retrenchment of its employees, reinstate all affected employees, and create enough opportunities and provide adequate time for the employees to re-skill as per the current trends.

We call upon all IT employees to come together and resist resignations forced upon them by their employers. The appraisal system and forced resignations violate Indian labour law. IT/ITES companies don’t have the right to terminate employees without due process. Otherwise, they won’t even bother with forced resignations.

We request employees to contact NDLF – IT Employees Wing and consult our lawyers before deciding on the company’s demands. Join NDLF – IT Employees Wing to make yourself stronger.

NDLF IT Employees Wing

Mobile :+91-9003009641

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