CTS murderous attacks begin!

Some of the victims of CTS devious plan to terminate the employment of about 10% of its work face have contacted NDLF IT Employees Wing.

First, the company put them in the 4th bucket by specific instructions to each reporting manager to categorize certain percentage of employees as “Under Performer”.

Recently, CTS had changed the internal project man power deployment process. Earlier employees released from a project get added to what is called Potential Deployable Pool (PDP), if they are not able to find a placement within the same division they are moved to Common Deployable Pool (CDP) and provided opportunities to find an opening in any of the CTS offices all over India.

The recent change limits the time period in PDP to 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks in what is called Associate Deployable Pool (ADP) for the employees targeted by management. After that they are forced to resign.

That means, an employee released from a project is liable to be terminated within 4 weeks.

An employee (let us call him Ram) who is with CTS for more than 12 years has been put in 4th bucket. He had received a promotion just 6 months back. Now, the management brands him “Under Performer” and marked him for retrenchment. Ram asserts with anger and helplessness that he has not faced such a situation in his entire work life. He maintains all records of his work achievements and is taking up the issue strongly with managers and HR. With a young family and associated responsibilities Ram has been put under tremendous mental pressure by this illegal and unethical act of CTS.

Another employee (call her Urmila) was put in 4th bucket, citing the reason that she is the latest recruit in her current project. Today, they had called her and forced her to write a resignation letter. She is heart broken and contacted our union.

Branding some employees as “underperformer” without any basis, getting resignation letter under false pretensions and open threats, both are illegal acts by CTS. Forced resignations go beyond a simple labour dispute and have shades of criminal illegality.

We are seriously taking up this issue and will take the necessary legal action on behalf of affected CTS employees.

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    • Manithan manthan on April 8, 2017 at 6:43 am
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    Company wanted more profit so do this layoff. it is big company so we now but small. more contract person without any information layoff some company.

    • Arun on April 10, 2017 at 10:22 pm
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    Employees who were given 4th rating and allocated to project are being planned to be moved to PDP (Bench). HR today has asked managers to provide their skillset to find replacement so that these people can be moved to bench (PDP). Once they are in PDP, they will be fired out. This is what CTS is currently doing.

    Can we take this legally?

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