CTS : “You may have performed well, but we want you out”!

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Many CTS employees affected by CTS retrenchment drive have formed a group to discuss their next course of action. They are interacting with New Democratic Labour Front and lawyers.

According to one source CTS managers are instructed to finish moving employees in 4th bucket out of projects before April 22nd. The employee’s performance, duration of service, skill sets or the needs of project – none of them are relevant.

For one employee, HR has contacted the manager and asked the employee to be released from the project. The manager defended temporarily citing dependency in current project. But HR is insisting.

Once moved out of project, only two options are given to the employees – resign immediately or leave after 2 months. HR is harassing employees for hours together to make them resign.

Another employee got his first rating as MS (Met Expectations). The HR has offered 4 months salary for moving out immediately OR stay for 2 months and resign. But he is determined not to resign. HR threatened by asking “what you will do if there are no opportunities for MS rated people inside the company”. The rating itself is their creation, and now they want the employee to solve the problem created by them (HR).

HR informed that “the employee did not take up additional activities compared to others, hence put in 4th bucket. Then they said that at your level you might have done a tremendous job but your colleagues did more than that”. That means however well everyone performs in the team/project/company, the management will send specified number of employees out.

Employees to be put in 4th bucket are selected in an arbitrary manner targeting most vulnerable people – mothers who availed maternity leave, those with family responsibilities and in some cases even freshers working only for a year or two.

Lawyers are looking at possibility of raising labour dispute against MS rating given to affected employees. There is a list of more than 150 people who are given MS rating.

Let us put an end to this corporate attacks not only in CTS but in all IT companies.


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