“No Layoffs, only Underperformers” NASSCOM, “Govt Should Intervene” NDLF : Debate

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“Is the IT Dream at an End”


  1. Vijayakumar from NDLF
  2. IT Employee Ram
  3. Educationalist Nedunchezhiyan
  4. NASSCOM Director Purushothaman
  5. Rajan Gandhi from FITE

IT Employee Ram talks about job insecurity and issues with rating system. We always work and keep ourselves updated. Union is must, should struggle to assert rights as done by transport workers of TN this week.

NDLF Vijayakumar  : Mass layoffs are happening in IT sector. Someone awarded best performer is given 4th rating after one month. This rating is decided artificially after planning how many employees to be sent out. Companies send out senior employees to get freshers to reduce costs. It is wrong for the companies to do this. The companies were given concessions worth lakhs of crores by Central, state governments. If they reduce job opportunities, what should we do?

The government should intervene. Government gives subsidies to corporates to generate employment. Now when employment is threatened should intervene and call for tripartite talks with employees union, company, labour department.

It is not fair to throw out employees who worked for the company day and night for years.

He is brilliant in putting across employees side and exposing corporate practices. It needs a lot of experience and political maturity to challenge the likes of NASSCOM and the huge corporates. He highlighted forced resignations and pre-planned unfair ratings just to increase profit for investors at the cost of employees.

NASSCOM Director : Gives general statements. Says, no layoffs, no forced resignations, all rumours, no proof.

Educationalist Nedunchezhiyan: talks about quality of education and how private colleges ruined the standards. [But this is not relevant to the topic, we are talking about forced resignations of current employees]. He points out corruption in campus placement by HR.

Educationalist and NASCOM talking about domestic market. Vijayakumar points out weakness of our industries, too much dependence on foreign countries and low investment in R&D.

Rajan Gandhi, FITE talks about Chennai High Court order resulting in IT employees being considered workman. Then he scores a self goal by talking about SEZ rules about recording information of employees. NASSCOM representative is happy to use this point. Then Rajan brought in NASSCOM black list which is a good move. NASSCOM rep says no black list, only name list.

Vijayakumar points out that in 2016 after concerted effort, Tamil Nadu government conceded to NDLF that all labour laws are applicable to IT sector. He also speaks about NDLF’s representation to labour secretary on issues such as Appraisal System, Black Listing and Forced Resignations.


Comments by some viewers in NDLF WhatsApp groups.

“Only an employee union can enforce rights in work place. Govt is physically far away and politically too close to corporates.”

“Companies invest huge $$ to handle media.”

“NASSCOM Purushothaman – ulaga nadippu [great actor]
Nedunchelian – talking totally irrelevant
IT employee – truth
Vijaykumar – spoke the problem in clear and coherent way”

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    • ss on May 19, 2017 at 10:13 am
    • Reply

    having proof, it’s not based on low performance.
    Wantedly giving low performance to remove the associates.

    • Srinivasan on May 19, 2017 at 10:44 am
    • Reply

    Now we came to know our rights.They can’t do blacklist,they can’t stop our experience letter,they can’t stop our P.F ,E.L, or gratuity etc.
    Union have to educate IT people even though they are educated in another field.
    By joining union they cannot remove or torture us even for this also union have educate us and how to safeguard us, with our labour law.
    Slowly,all will join to union and fight even one employ got effected.

    • kasirajan on May 19, 2017 at 11:29 pm
    • Reply

    Telling lies in court is a crime under perjury .

    Is it possible punish lies of Nasscom person in front of media ?

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