Dhoni – Not a Cricketer, a Corrupt Corporate Stooge!

Messages from NDLF Facebook and WhatsApp groups

1. Mr Dhoni, I hate YOU

The Moment you step in to Chepauk stadium as IPL captain , I HATE MYSELF on why I celebrated you as ICON when you step in to stadium every time.

With crores of Sponsor money, You are walking on to shatter future of Tamilnadu as a SELFISH COOLIE to IPL Capitalist.

Will you become poor by boycotting IPL for sake of Tamilnadu welfare ?

Chennai fans will disgrace you for your stance as sincere COOLIE to IPL sponsors .


2. The Real game begins now

NDLF: Who are you ?
Dhoni : I’m the GREAT Mahendra singh Dhoni
NDLF : No , a Selfish Coolie.

April 10 – The Day Dhoni lovers become DHONI HATERS in Tamilnadu

Helicopter and 4,000 cops secure Chepauk for IPL 2018 match, Cauvery protesters chased away

3.  Recalling Kingfisher IPL protests

“We have not been paid by Kingfisher Airlines for the last 18 months…”

“Rs 14 crore paid to you could have fed 15,000 mouths. It’s now up to you to decide whether to turn a deaf ear to us and work for Mallya or to refuse his employment on moral grounds,” the employee union said in an open letter to Yuvraj.

Incidentally, Regional Labour Commissioner has called Mallya for a meeting with Trade Union Coordination Centre in New Delhi to discuss the non-payment of salaries on February 18.

Read more at:
Kingfisher Airlines employees urge Yuvraj not to play for RCB in IPL

4. Dhoni is after thiyaga thalaivi Chinnama.

People are celebrating that CSK come back after 2 years. Where CSK went? They got ban as 3 out of 11 players caught red handed in match fixing. The connection of match fixing with India cements Srinivasan and his nephew is proved.

As team is involved in match fixing, team is banned for 2 years. Did Dhoni know that match fixing goes on in his team?

Australian captain and Vice captain were banned for 1 year for tampering the ball. In one way, we can accept to certain extent that Australian captain did this for the success of their team.

In CSK perspective, match fixing is done for making team to lose. If Dhoni don’t know that 3 of his players and his team management involved in illegal activities, then how can he be the captain?

If Australian captain banned, why no punishment for Dhoni?

How many Tamil Nadu players are playing in Csk. What is the politics of removing Tamil Ashwin and bringing Harbajan? In what way CSK linked with Tamilnadu other than it has Chennai in team name.

Dhoni is thyaga thalaivar chinnappan

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