Did you Hear the Voice of Tech Mahindra Employees?

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given low rating in the annual appraisal process in a non-transparent and arbitrary manner

What’s happening in Tech Mahindra?

Hundreds of senior employees are marked for termination. They were given low rating in the annual appraisal process in a non-transparent and arbitrary manner. Based on the low rating, they are excluded from project allocation and HR forces them to resign.

Why are you telling this to me? I don’t work in Tech Mahindra, what have I to do with that?

In 2015 TCS, in 2017 Wipro, Cognizant, IBM and Tech Mahindra and now in 2018 it is Verizon and again Tech Mahindra. Tomorrow? Layoffs have become a regular practice in all IT companies.

This is not regular exit, it is forced unemployment.

This will not happen to me. I am a loyal employee of my company

That’s exactly how the Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS and Cognizant employees were thinking until they were called by the HR.

We think that the biggest challenge before us is to retain the current job. We put our heart and soul in our work. We work more than 8 hours a day neglecting our personal life and family. We work not only in areas where we are experienced but also in any project that is available and assigned to us. We do our best in whatever is given to us. We talk about people indulging in petty office politics to retain their job.

But knowingly or unknowingly we also do the same. We spend our own time and money to learn the ever changing new technologies. But all these will not be taken into account when the company decides to cut cost and throw out people to meet their quarterly earnings target.

Yes, what you say is correct. But we don’t have any other option when we are asked to leave. The only way is to look for another job, we have been doing this all along.

Should we continue to tolerate this situation?

This kind of practices are not restricted to one or two companies. The entire sector is trying to shed the experienced senior employees. Even when one takes up a new job, the same situation follows there too.

What can we do if we are forced to resign? How to tackle that?

You should refuse to resign when forced. You should not give in to HR threats.

Are you asking me to oppose a big corporate company? No way…


What you say is only half truth. Corporates are big and powerful. They can influence the state with their money power. But our strength is more than that. We are under-estimating our own strength. Our strength lies in our numbers. We should use that and join together as union.

Union…? Union is meant for factory workers and not for IT employees…

This question itself shows a pathetic situation. Who said we are not workers? We google for anything and everything, but did we search the net to know whether we come under the definition of workers, to know whether we are protected by the law, did we try to know the name of the law that protects our rights or do we even know about our rights…?

We say that it is the democratic right of every citizen to vote in elections. Have we ever thought about the democratic rights in work place where we earn our livelihood?

The truth is, right to form union is a fundamental democratic right. We are all workers working with computers. All labour laws including the Industrial Disputes Act are applicable to us. Atleast from now onwards, we should widen our horizon to include labour rights also.

There is no way I can talk about union in our company. I will be black listed if I join union. They won’t provide relieving letter if I raise disputes through union, they will terminate me. And I will not get job elsewhere.

Is this your opinion..? no it’s the opinion of the corporates. As a result of our prolonged submission to corporates, we blindly accept their false propaganda. Their opinion becomes ours.

Right to form union is guaranteed under Indian constitution and Trade Union Act 1926, No one has the authority to take away this right.

Office bearers of the unions like NDLF and FITE are active in union and continue to work in their respective companies.

Not only for our own sake, but also for the sake of future generations, we should unite; unite as workers. That will shape our lives and the lives of our children.

What you are saying is correct. But, retaining the job when an HR threatens me to resign is beyond me. Nowadays, even getting a full and final settlement from the company has become difficult.

Yes. You are correct. But what we know is very little and what unions have achieved is an ocean. Why companies are afraid about employees joining together in union? We should learn about the history of union movement.

It is not only about our jobs, it is about the rights gained by the struggle of lakhs of workers over the past 100 years. We are talking about rights won by workers with bloody sacrifices from the corporate state (even during colonial rule).

Unions are a part of work life in all the companies whether in public sector or in private sector. Union is the guiding light for workers in various sectors like banking, insurance, transport, and in factories.

But, one by one, we are giving up all the rights won by our predecessors. That has become a source of rich profits to corporates.

Not only for our own sake, but also for the sake of future generations, we should unite; unite as workers. That will shape our lives and the lives of our children.

All the layoffs in TCS, IBM, Wipro, Verizon, Accenture and now in Tech Mahindra are made possible due to our lack of unity. Have you heard of forced resignation in PSU banks or in Railways where all the employees are in union?

Ok. Ok. Now I understand everything.. what should I do?

All IT employees working all over India, who are sacrificing their entire lives for the enrichment of giant corporates, who are working day and night to keep corporate profit margins ticking, we all should join together in union.

Alien concepts such as “worker” and “union” now give a new meaning to life.

As we realize this, let us all join together and show our unity to the world. Show our protest against the illegal and unethical forced resignations. Make unionization into a big movement

IT/BPO/KPO/Call Center Employees
Join Union! Show Our Unity to the World.
Safeguard Our Rights, Ensure Our Future

Contact : combatlayoff@gmail.com 9003009641

There is a lot of material about union and its successes in our website new-democrats.com. Please read and share with your friends.

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    • Pritam Mishra on July 17, 2018 at 9:46 pm
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    I have been working in Techmahindra for 2 years as a fresher.The thing I have experienced is the same as above mentioned condition and I had to change 3 projects due to costcutting concept in this small duration.So I am ready to join any kind of union because if this insecurity continues ,one day every it employee will be a patient of depression which may lead to frequent suicides.I think this is the high time to start the concept of union in it sector.

      • lokan on August 3, 2018 at 12:19 pm
      • Reply

      Just It jobs and educate your peers in the college campuses to avoid IT services career. Once the supply of new freshers gets cut off companies come around. companies are blackmailing companies with layoffs to extract concessions.
      Recently to reduce pace of layoffs companies are seeking free funds from government in the name of reskilling

    • C P Chandrasekaran on July 18, 2018 at 8:14 am
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    I am aware of the tactics of Top management of companies who take pleasure in firing people. Sometimes, such managers are praised for being ” ruthless” and ” practical”. Loyalty and team work do not get scores in appraisals. I do not know how Union will help as the managers are clever to prepare all papers to show that the fired person has infact been ” underperforming”. This is done by retrofitting financial goals without the knowledge of the employee or without his or her consent and later declaring that he was unfit while all the time the person was slogging. Second is to belittle the achievements by relegating those as ” not strategic”.

    • Priyabrata Das on July 18, 2018 at 10:01 am
    • Reply

    I am also eagerly waiting for such kind of Union, where we can feel safe.

    • larun on July 19, 2018 at 3:57 pm
    • Reply

    New democrats,

    Tech mahindra is a Indian business family company who understand India and its age old unemployment problems too well.
    As an employee(of oroginal tech mahindra before satyam takeover) who worked for good amountnof time there before being forced to regsing in pune office for being a non local south Indian after satyam take over, i can tell you these dirty practices have been invented in Pune office of tech m and spread to other companies from the year 2009. thousands of people found their careers derailed as data (list of fired employees, name epm id m DOB, ID proof no ) was leaked in 2010 by a rougue RMG/HR leader and many fired professional found the offers in new companies going on hold. resulting careers ending abruptly.
    You cannot tame this compnay unless you target the group brand Image and acting on other companies the group runs like automotive, cars, tractors, bikes, insurance, agriculture , media company (business standard ).
    Sine they have significant presence in media, you simply cant take on them the traditional way.
    start a survey and present stats that it is wort place to work.
    Start a campaign in college campuses explaining the dark side of IT career and ensure that most of youngsters walk away from IT careers. present data on over work and employee exploitation – you will be heard
    start software professionals association – that can have all employees of all companies as members and then you have power to boycott a company or label a company bad and it is likely to work because other wise you are just a voice of jobless,
    digital age required digital campaign, ask for donations from IT pros who have jobs to support those who lost jobs abruptly – money will rain the retrenched staff and it will put the profiteering IT companies to shame and generates empathy among employees.
    sorry for long comment but i noticed that things you are doin are not creating impact.

  1. […] Tech Mahindra targeted many employees working in Pune and Bangalore for layoff. We supported Tech Mahindra employees and formed a group. We counsel them on how to face this tough times and as result we have saved 50+ employee jobs directly and much more indirectly. […]

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