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In the last union meeting held on January 20, 2018 several members criticised managers/team leads who make employees to work longer hours as a routine.

  • A woman employee who commutes from the other end of the city used to leave office by 7 pm. This was discussed by her seniors in her absence, that she is leaving work too early. They are not even ready to consider that only by leaving by 7, she will reach home before 10 pm.
  • Some pass comments such as “(S)He comes at 10 and leaves by 7” as if it is a grave mistake working for “only” 9 hours is a mistake.

In this context, we would like to share the farewell email one of our union members sent to his team on his leaving the company. He wants all IT employees to help fellow workers and make their work life better.

Dear All,

I am writing a detailed mail and not the regular short “bid adieu”, considering my long tenure and huge companionship I enjoyed with you all, I am sending the mail in advance so you all would have time to read the long content and share your feedback to me, if any.

As a general human tendency, any news on failure stays in our heart and good things fade away. Hence I would like to share my strengths and success stories which may have gone unnoticed.

designed plans to ensure their work life balance

There have been several objectives fixed for my role, of which I always treated “Employee Engagement” as primary. Going beyond the objective I believed that if my team members feel office as a place of peace and happiness, they are going to be more productive. Hence I took efforts to materialize that.

Providing a peaceful and happy office atmosphere alone wouldn’t help, I realized from few of my team members. Hence I extended my barrier to understand their personal side and what can I do to share their personal burden with the help of privileges company provides and worked on it.

As women, especially married, were high in numbers in my team. So, I had to be more responsible and hence designed plans to ensure their work life balance. It’s well known that any deviation from their homely needs may make a woman vulnerable to the risk of quitting job. As this is our society’s model and I had put in several responsible efforts to bring a balancing life.

I never encourage a race within the team and very much in support of both win or lose, as a team.

Whenever I identify a potential in my team member that is beyond the utilisation of the current set-up I have counselled, motivated and supported for a better explore and there have been two such achievements.

There have been no single resignation out of frustration in my team.

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I don’t believe in interviews because I am very confident that any person who becomes a part of my team would work hard for the team’s win. There were two colleagues who were identified as an average performer by other team leaders are playing a better role in my team. I was very much happy to make them a part of my team.

Not even a single appraisal meeting with my team elevated to an argument phase.

I had never told a “no” to permission or leave to my team because they never focus on personal stuff at the cost of business continuity.

If you feel that I would have failed in terms of output because of this approach, do take a glimpse of the below.

The cluster I handled met all the metrics.

I was the highest in EES score in the department

Though I don’t have numbers to prove this, the team I handled could be shown as an example of team working. Very organised and very professional.

If you all feel this approach is futile or senseless, I would like to explain a simple economy of win-win situation.

As we all are aware creating jobs is the primary objective behind Indian Government providing space, resource and manpower to foreign companies. This being the scenario it is the leaders’, from small to top, responsibility to ensure the job opportunities are utilised properly to move towards a sustainable growth. We cannot create an atmosphere that only the best talents would be given jobs and others would be ignored.

I am not sure how many of the leaders would be bold enough to issue such a statement.

“If any of the team members who reported or reporting to me has any disagreement to the above said, you can reply with everyone in copy”.

Failing to gain the reputation of management may appear to be a fiasco but gaining the confidence of people reporting is termed as a successful leadership in global dictionary.

I have come to the end part of the show and I would like to insist you all not to get demotivated because of failures you face despite strong efforts.

Analyse and understand the economics and politics of everything that happens around you.

Don’t bottle-up your sorrows and pains, do share it to the people around and also make yourself available to listen to others’ issues.

Stay away from the racy lifestyle and live a stress-free life.

Leaving you all after a long joyous journey and I take this opportunity to wish you all a good future.

Stay united, stay strong, minimize the expenses, habituate savings…. Reach me for any assistance and guidance.

Thanks and regards,

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