Hard Working Employees suffer, Investors Enjoy the Fruits

This is a WhatApp message shared at the time of protest by IT Employees in Bengaluru on July 29, 2017. This talks about the need for joining hands to form a union of IT/ITES employees.

Dear colleagues n beloved friends,

IT Employees Protest in Bangalore on July 29, 2017

You might have not known the name Charles Babbage but you know Pink Slip or layoff. Yes it a time now or never to raise your voice for your rights.

You all should have experienced the pain of tension and stress from your college days till now, you have tolerated the pains at all stages and no-way it is tolerated anymore when it comes to the nerves (layoff, Pinkslips). It is time to explode your accumulated pains through presence in the event to make an effort find a solution for these pains.

What’s in it for You?

  • A collective voice of the IT& ITES employees about their pink slip/ layoff pains to pass it to the Governance/decision makers
  • Legal advise from the eminent personal about labor laws and legal knowledge which IT & ITES employee should know
  • Connect with the network of IT n ITES employees who may help you at the time of such brutal(layoff, Pinkslips) acts by employers
  • The strength and voice of the event may ease out the situation in the IT companies

Why should the employees suffer when the top management enjoying the millions of salary which’s generated by employees hard work?

A agitation started by an ordinary man at the Chennai beach led to big change (‘Jalli Kattu’ a Cultural event of TN,) nothing impossible to the youth force.

Pls share this in till it reaches a last IT n ITES employee..

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