Ethnic wear Tragedies

A series of incidents which happened in a leading IT product companies triggered us to write this article. In fact, many IT companies are following this strategy as best practice to motivate employees in workplace but the reality is different. 

Company requested precious resources (Employees are said to be treasures) to celebrate with ethnic wear. People are requested to come in ethnic wear.

Template for Ethnic wear is as follows:

Ethnic wear for men is said to be Dhotis and colorful shirts for South Indian people.

For women, it is sarees.

In fact, it would be Andhra type colorful dress in reality and by majority.

 For North Indians men and women, It is kurtas and Kagra Choli type dresses.

Here is what the series of incidents/hurting conversations which happened as per employees

On the day before event, few hardworking people had a hectic work schedule and forgotten to wear ethnic wear.

4-5 Senior Managers in organization asked in rude tone “Why have you forgotten to wear ethnic dress? Please go to home and come back with Ethnic wear?

One Senior Program Manager asked “Are you a rebel? Will you forget to eat one day? “ 

One Vendor Manager asked “When women are following rules without fail after doing household duties and childcare, Why Men are not wearing Ethnic wear? Are men boozed yesterday and forgotten ethnic wear day? “

“Is it a tougher task to wear Ethnic wear and pose for photos? “

“When Surendar (name changed) is failing to deliver sprint deliverables, is he repeating same in ethnic wear day?” One TL added to Senior manager.

We have to give a strong message to irresponsible employees for not adhering to event.  We will reflect this in Appraisal and chuck them out of the organization citing lack of “Team Player skills/adherence to organizational Vision/One team mindset”.

Organization is spending in millions for organizing fun parties, Events, prizes and contests surrounding employee welfare through ethnic wear contest. Are they feeling responsible in client location? “One vendor manager added butter to client manager

“We are doing events for your emotional and mental happiness. Why are you making me mental by not coming in ethnic wear? If client escalates this to Program Management, our vendor contract will be removed and we have to face layoff situation “

“Please take down notes and ask reasons for why resources had difficulty in wearing ethnic dress. We will send the detailed report to vendors and our management. Senior Management will question me on my capabilities” One senior manager ended the conversation.

After hearing all these words and conversations, is there a possibility for employees and contractors to feel happy on ethnic day event. Many are puzzled on why Management is reacting seriously on this topic.

Here are few questions to Management

1)      For Whose happiness, Ethnic day Event is conducted? Management or Employees or contractors or name sake event to communicate team building events for better team Morales.

2)      Are employees Robots or Machines to act as per Instructions?

3)      If they forget to wear Ethnic wear, will capital or Life term punishment in appraisal for non-adherence to dress codes?  Already many Chennai people are wearing shoes in 42-degree Celsius hot special summer for formal dress code adherence, why should an IT employee has to turn as rebel when they are scared of Layoffs and forced resignation in their sector?

4)      Many IT employees are keeping their friendship relationship with Union members as secret one. We have evidenced that many employees unfriended Union members in social media. Why should an IT employee have to risk their life career by non-adhering to Ethnic dress event?

5)      Is there any drop in productivity and profit margin since few employees forgotten the event?

Is similar etiquettes and approach to collect absentee’s non adherence (ethnic wear) names has been followed in USA and Europe region?

6)      If a Dhoti is not fitting to waist of a men, will it attract fun to whole audience on standing with Jockeys and Boxers? Few employees are feeling uncomfortable in wearing dhoti. Restrooms are occupied on ethnic day event since people are uncomfortable to use restroom with dhoti.

7)      Is unity in Diversity happening in Ethnic wear event by understanding the ethnicity of a person.

We might have seen companies where top management people favor promotions, Hikes and appraisals of same ethnicity. Is it right to be separated in office based on ethnicity?



Get well soon from Slave culture. Just because, you are paying salary but not considering self-respect and diverse opinion of employee’s comfortable things.

If things are forced, Reaction will also happen soon as per newton’s third law.

Slaves won’t be slaves always.  Emotional pain will be remembered and recalled.

Please refer to latest 2A/2K case numbers in your respective jurisdiction region and decide.

USA and Europe clients, we as Indians are feeling shame in forcing us to behave like Jokers in circus.

Jokers are having a precious heart and valuable emotions.



 – Kasirajan Anbalagan

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    • Easwaran on May 3, 2019 at 12:52 pm
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    Just sheer arrogance on the part of these companies and managers.

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