Farming distress and farmers suicide – People’s Power Protest

Farmers die of broken heart

Modi denying Cauveri Water


ADMK-Reddy-Rao river sand mafia

are the culprits

Seize their assets amassed by public loot
Provide relief to farmers

  • Waive all bank loans of Tamilnadu farmers.
  • Give relief of Rs 25,000 for paddy, 50,000 for sugarcane & 20,000 for rain fed crops
  • Give relief of Rs 20,000 to agricultural workers.
  • Give due compensation to the families of farmers who died of heart-break and suicide. Give government job to one member of family.
  • Waive electricity bill, school/college fees and all other taxes in delta districts of Thanjavur, Nagapattinam and Thiruvaroor till Cauvery water is received and farming revives.
  • Give sufficient quantities of rice and provisions free of cost from ration shops to all farming families of delta districts.
  • Consider depletion of drinking water levels, farming distress, and farmers death as natural disaster. Declare de-silting of rivers, lakes, ponds, canals as public work for the whole year. Provide jobs to one person per family under Public Works Department
  • Bring a law to give the right to fix prices of agricultural products to farmers themselves.
  • Take steps to get Tamilnadu declared as drought affected state.


on 11-1-2017 Wednesday (from 10 am to evening 6 pm )
Near new Railway Station, Thiruvaroor.

Will this society come forward to wipe the tears of farmers who feed the whole world? Will you be there to console them and extend a helping hand? Losing hope that the government will come to their rescue, farmers commit suicide or die of heart break. To assure them that we will force the state to mitigate their distress, let all of us go to delta districts with our families! Forthcoming Pongal is a black day for us. Getting relief to farmers is Pongal and Farmers Day for us

Reasons for the continuing untimely deaths of Tamil Nadu farmers.

  • Liberalization-Privatization-Globalization policies of central and state governments
  • Denial of Tamilnadu’s share of cauvery water
  • Failure of Tamilnadu govt to de-silt and maintain rivers, lakes and canals
  • Unchecked plunder of river sand by ADMK-Mannarkudi Mafia for the last 10 years
  • and Demonetization by Modi government

all these contributed to farming distress and farmers suicides and deaths

Arguing that rains failed or it is natural distress in this age of science and technology is not only a scam but also a deception on farmers. It is also a sly effort to take their lands away to hand over to multinational companies for methane shale gas extraction.

Farming distress and farmers suicides show once again that the existing state structure is defunct, not able to address any of people’s problems, has failed and turned into a force against people.

Coordinated by : People’s Power.
Contact 99626 66321

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