Forced Resignations : Tech Mahindra Continues to Deceive

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Tech Mahindra (and all leading IT companies such as Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, HCL etc) claim that they never ask any employee to resign. They record all employee exits as voluntary.

But the experience of thousands of affected employees tell a different story. Arbitrary low rating in appraisal process, released from project based on low rating, blocked from joining any other project and threatened by HR to resign and go – this is the experience shared by thousands of employees from TCS in 2015, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, Tech Mahindra in 2017, Verizon in 2018 and now Tech Mahindra again.

Hundreds of cases have been filed in various labour departments against forced resignations. Still the  IT companies refuse to follow the rule of law.

We sent the following communication to Tech Mahindra along with the list of employees who have been systematically targeted and pressurised and threatened to leave employment, in violation of all ethical, professional and legal norms .

Will Tech Mahindra still say that they are not forcing anyone to resign?

As we have not received any reply from the company even after 24 hours, we are publishing the communication (without the list of employees) here and sharing it to the top management via social media. We also request all IT employees and other social minded people to share this post so that it is spread widely and makes Tech Mahindra management stop their illegal activities.

As indicated in the message, we are also organizing the employees to take up the fight legally.

Date : June 25, 2018

Mr CP Gurnani,
Managing Director and CEO,
Tech Mahindra,
Plot No.1, Phase III, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411057
Phone: 020 4225 0000

Copy to : Mr. Anand Mahindra, Mr. Harshvendra Soin, Mr. Vinay Agarwal, Mr. Rajnish Jaiyam, Mr. Rakesh Soni.

Sub : Stop Forced Resignations of senior employees

NDLF is a registered trade union and for the past 20 years we are organizing workers in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. NDLF represents workers from automobile sector to IT sector and from permanent employees to contract workers. The IT Employees Wing of NDLF was formed on January 10, 2015. We have been helping employees to seek collective bargaining rights on employment related issues and take legal measures in case of unfair labour practices by employers. We are also organizing IT Employees in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and other cities to register as union.

We have several employees of Tech Mahindra registered as our members. In the second week of June, some of our members and many other employees from Tech Mahindra contacted us and reported that they are being forced to resign by their HR managers.

  1. Employees marked for lay-off are given low rating (L) in the annual appraisal system in an unscientific, opaque and arbitrary manner.
  2. Some employees who were given higher rating by the immediate supervisor were reassigned to lower rating by HR. Some other employees were given higher rating by appraiser which was changed to lower rating by appraisal owner.
  3. Project managers are forced by HR to release lower rated employees from their projects and instructed not to take them to fill the need in their project.
  4. The internal project allocation system is changed by the management to block adding any low rated employees to projects.
  5. HR people call the employees marked for lay-off and ask them to resign. The employees are pressurized in closed door meetings. They are forced to put in their resignation papers. HR humiliate, insult and blackmail employees who have been working for the company for years.
  6. In some cases, the employee’s access to their work computers is arbitrarily blocked.
    In short, the HR managers of Tech Mahindra seem to be using all kind of subterfuges to make the employees leave employment on their own. This is illegal and unfair.

These employees express concern that company is intentionally keeping them in bench and raise different compliance issues in addition to the performance rating. This affects their career growth badly. This has taken a huge toll on them psychologically and many of them are highly depressed.

On behalf of these employees, we request you to allocate projects to all of them and allow them to continue their normal work. We will provide the details of affected employees in further conversation.

Several employees have been already made to submit self-resignation. They were made to sign an agreement in bond paper and given demand draft for 70% of 2 months salary. Some of the employees resisted the pressure to resign but resignation was triggered by the management and shown as if the employee resigned voluntarily.

We request you to reinstate these employees back into their roles.

We attach herewith the first list of 24 affected employees who provided us with their name, employee id, email address and nature of grievance. We will provide list of more employees in further conversation.

We copy this communication to HR managers mentioned by the affected employees. We are sending a copies of this letter by Registered Post also.

We require your immediate attention on the above complaints and request you to arrive at an amicable solution in favour of employees. If the grievances are not redressed, we will organize the employees to approach the respective labour departments and file grievance petition under relevant sections of Industrial Disputes Act.

We look forward to a positive response from you.

for NDLF IT Employees Wing


Copy To :
Tech Mahindra,
Special Economic Zone, 602/3, survey no-138,
Sholinganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600119
Phone: 044 6619 2323

(List of employees not published, images added)

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    Please copy IT minister and his chief secretary… Then only something might happen

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