Middle of Modern World

Middle of the World – in more sense than one.

Information systems powering global banking, financial, insurance sector or the fast changing world of e-commerce, online services, mobile apps or nano technology, Internet of Things IT professionals right in the middle of all these, shaping, controlling and effecting changes.

In India, we are at the middle of society sandwiched between

  1. the more than 100 crore farmers, factory workers, construction workers, mining workers and those toiling in services like retail, food, transport, personal grooming etc. They work harder for longer hours and yet earn only a fraction of what we earn.
  2. and a few thousand rich and powerful – corporate tzars, CEOs, politicians, cricketers, cinema stars who lord over us all. Who make sure that the 100 crore are made to work hard for the least possible pay to keep their profits flowing. They do pay our salaries but always keep us off-balance. They want us to be their yes master, obey asking no questions.

Globally, we are at the middle of the hierarchy of nations with US, UK, Germany, France, Japan etc at the top, with more than 100 African, Asian, South African nations battling to lift themselves out of poverty at the bottom. We are at the middle lording over the weaker neighbours and submitting to the rich nations.

We the millions of IT Employees have a definite role to play in our nations present and future.

Are we up to it?


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