Gopikrishna DurgaPrasad Loses his Life to IT industry Hubris

News : ‘In IT there is no job security’: 25-year-old techie commits suicide in Pune

Our condolences to the family, friends, relatives of Gopikrishna DurgaPrasad who tragically took his own life due to the IT layoffs pressure.

A note accessed by Hindustan Times, written and signed in English, that Gopikrishna left behind reads, “In IT there is no job security. I’m worried a lot about my family“. The note was found in his hotel room, according to the police.

According to the newspaper, “as the police were in the process of registering the case the name of the company he was working for was not available.”

1) Do police and media need to investigate for 10 years to get company details?
2) Where is the transparency and accountability in Investigation? Whose identity is being protected and for what reason?

Comments by IT employees in WhatsApp

“We should have the union atleast to provide hope and confidence to employees to face any situation”

“People are resorting to death, due to job insecurity. One should keep courage and hope, and more importantly be united”

“Human factor shall be treated with highest value… But just money…People in India give their life while workinng… and Lay off is real shock…
Government shall protect employees…Government provide land and facilities at discounted rate along with tax Holiday for providing employment.”

“Very very sad news. Be brave and face the situation… Please pleas DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE

“Folks we are bold, intelligent and strong, don’t succumb to frustration”

“Have to find the company and arrest his managers, HR.”

“Pathetic, don’t know what govt we have, lives r precious n are ending like anything.”

Corporates want to keep employees isolated, subject them to psychological pressure, make them work for unreasonable hours all to ensure their uninterrupted profit making.  It is time to put an end to this.

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