Best way to tackle Layoff – Suicide? No, Employees Unity

I am terminated from my IT company which I worked for several years. What I have to do in this situation:

1)      Commit suicide in the same office premises of the company which I worked

2)      Shoot HR officer or the manager whom I think responsible for my termination

3)      Rob the bank to meet my family expenses

4)      Take a job in lower salary if possible or go to native and settle with whatever way possible

5)      Take legal fight against the company that has terminated

We are going to explore the answer for the above question in detail in this article.

Before going to this, today there is a video published in TOI website about an women employee attempting suicide after she is terminated from the company. Refer the link for this video which is published in TOI website

Woman who threatened suicide after being fired from Gurugram firm reinstatedAs per the website, this women employee is working in Gurgaon office under probation. She has completed her six month of probation period. The company as part of their appraisal system marked her as low performer and terminate her probation. As she is fired, she take decision of committing suicide from the same office premises where she worked by jumping from multi storey office premisis.

This video show man tried to convince her and make her mind changed to withdraw her suicide decision. By God grace, girl is convinced and withdraw her decision of suicide and she was rescued by police officers of the city. The girl after rescue mentioned that she was punished for standing up against the office management and saying that ‘they did not have the proper environment for women employees.

That video also shows hundreds of people (probably IT employees working in the same company) standing in the ground floor. These people are standing in the ground floor and majority of the employees are shooting this incidents with their phone camera. This is great video to show the attitude and unity of IT employees to the outside world. We pray that they will not get upset by missing their chance to shoot live suicide incident as the girl did not committed suicide.

Related imageThe main problem with IT employees is there is no unity among anyone and people are only watching with pity, taking video like this and satisfied by just forwarding this to their friends. We are sure that none from the employee group who shooted this incident will come forward to talk against management and help affected employee in reinstating her job.

I want to quote the paragraph which I used in the introduction para of my book – “IT Life – Fun or problems” here to understand this issue better

“ We were once discussing with our union lawyer about the mass layoffs in IT sector. He told us that the lack of legal awarness among IT employees is the main cause. He also said that factory workers and other blue collar workers would give a stiff fight for their rights, but there have been only very few legal fights in IT inspite of workforce strength of 40 lakh employees”

There is another news last month dated Apr 22 2019 in TOI about techie who kills wife, three kids in Ghaziabad after he lost his job. Refer here to know more details about this incident.

There are 8000 suicides in IT industry in last 4 years as per survey published by Tamil magazine Vikatan and primary reason for these suicides will be job loss. We see many employees are taking extreme decision but still not ready to take up fight against the management. This gives the management to plan more and more layoffs and we see many recent news in CTS, Oracle, IBM about the management decision on doing layoff in their companies. Definitely these suicides are not going to stop these layoffs as management will easily put the blame on employee mindset and continue layoff with other employees

The option which employee has now is to take legal fight against the management. These legal fights are dragged for longer years. Cases will take 3-5 years as minimum criteria. In current scenario, there us no fast track justice in courts. There are 3.3 crore case backlogs exists in Indian courts as on current date. Corporates are more powerful and even an employee fought back for longer years, there are chances that employee may lose the case. So legal cases are even though the best option has it own limitation. The employee cannot able to withstand for longer duration and there are high chance that the case will be diluted over period of time.

So we need to explore how to overcome this issue. The answer lies with employees working on other sectors.  Last year, we have seen Yamaha worker protest in Chennai Oragadam where majority of the workers went on strike against the management. These sectors has more union powers and this secure their job and provide possibilty of going on strike. The major disadvantage of IT employees we have seen in this article itself where employee taking only video shoot on criticial issues of fellow employees and not coming forward for others. So chance of bringing unity and fight as group is also have very limited scope.

But definitely we can learn from fellow union members in other sectors on how to tackle the situation. They have done different protest against the company like begging in front of the company, eating rat meat, walk in protest etc to show the opposition against the management. The affected employee should come to street instead of taking extreme decision. If affected employee show such protest, it will make the company to react. These corporate companies are showing outside world that they are spending several crores of CSR funds for the welfare of society. If outside world know the condition of people employed with the company, it takes corporates to take back foot mostly. If people started putting the bell to the cat, more people will join and unity may come among IT employees slowly. We need to take out our white color mentality and come to street taking the fight against this injustice.

As per labour law, hire and fire is illegal and Subramaniyan Swami of BJP in his recent interview suggested that BJP should come forward to introduce reforms in labour law. As per his view, companies are allowed to fire employee by paying 3 year salary . The problem is currently companies are terminating employees without paying any severance as per their own wish. Government also shoould come forward to streamline this issue and take action against companies who are violating labour laws using their corporate powers. IT employees are the largest group of employees who is paying taxes for the country and government also will help affected employees to adress these concerns. Companies also should consider the situation of employees and help them to adress their issues in better way instead of firing them on single day after several decades of employment.

Change will not happen in single day and more and more people taking the fight against the companies only will make the situation change. As part of NDLF union, we request employees on not taking extreme decisions and approach us for any help.

Life is more important than anything else and stop taking such extreme decisions and take fight against corporates for the injustice. We are sure unity among IT employees will come soon and NDLF will definitely be part of building this unity among IT employees

  • Shyam Sundar

President, NDLF IT Employees Wing

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    • Saravana Guru on June 4, 2019 at 7:28 pm
    • Reply

    In my point of view, Her behavior is setting up wrong example as well indirectly its leads/ Support management to bouncers to throw us while layoff. I will not show any sympathy as well support to her decision.

    She took this call on emotional peek. If she Jumbed down then do we say its protest without taking legal fight.

    She is emotionaly threatened the company and now many will do the same in future. if we support her.
    If she took this call after attempt legal battle then i will support. Straight away, Going on building top and threatening its like the teenage boys used to threatened girl for accepting love proposal.

    For me, it not protest. Its immature emotional attempt.I don’t think this as threatened. Its kind of emotional black mail. If she comes to road and meet media/protesting in front of office/filing case which i feel threatning the company to follow the guidelines. She has created the awareness and setting up wrong trend.

    Emotional black mail leads to sympathy at first before justice.

    Threatening through legal fight seeking justice with high self respect.

    Both cant be same in real practice and opponent view.

    World assume, IT employees are educated, trend setters, leading nation to world culture.

    By doing thid kind of suicide attempt , give wrong impression and how they think about us ??

    Now, management will do 2 things
    1. Stop the staircase to top flood as well lift
    2. Think multiple times of recruiting woman associates in the company as well project

    Suicide is not solution for any situation, problem. Unite and Fight for Justice.

    • Kasirajan on June 4, 2019 at 8:06 pm
    • Reply

    Its time for employees to think for permanent solution.

    3.3 crore case backlogs in Indian courts is the core reason for delays.

      • Saravana Guru on June 4, 2019 at 9:24 pm
      • Reply

      The reason is employee at first, his selfishness, hesitation, fearness on joining union.

      If we seek justice in big group as union definitely management will come down to us for fixing it. Because As IT doesn’t have option to storing goods at warehouse to deliver for few days. IT is based on daily delivery which is completey based on employee presence.

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