SVS College verdict – “All legal cases are resolved with a suitcase”!

It has been 7 months since Mrs.Vasuki (Founder, SVS College) and her associates were arrested following the mysterious death of 3 students ( Priyanka, Monisha, Saranya).  their dead bodies were found in a well near the college campus. The mystery surrounding the death is yet to unfold but the ban on the college is lifted by Chennai High Court, now!

svs-college-students-killedThe police force and the court are incapable or/and reluctant to find the culprits and punish them, but are keen on continued functioning(!) of the college.

Based on the confirmation from the Villupuram Collector that the law and order is well under control around the college, this judgement is passed.

The college management had also filed a petition claiming that the dead bodies were found outside the campus and no eventuality was reported in the campus.

Lakhs of money was looted from the poor and downtrodden in the name of education. Even after paying high fees the students did not get a respectful treatment and were not able to complete their degree. This ‘eventuality’ had been a practice well within the campus! But no legal solution is found for the same.

The judgement justified the lif of lock and seal on the college by stating that the college already has faced enough damage to its properties and the students are shifted to various other colleges. This re-affirms the widely held notion that “All legal cases are resolved with a suitcase”!

Parents strive to get their kids educated by selling their property, even pledging cattle and agriculture land. But the ‘justice’ always turns a blind eye to the poor !

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