HCL Fires an Employee of 17 years in 2 months!

We received this information from a former employee of HCL who was unfairly and illegally made to leave the company. The company could not provide any justification for his exit. The concerned employee filed grievance with the labour department under section 2A of ID act.

I am an employee of HCL technologies, joined the organization in 2000.

During last February, I received mail from my manager stating that my role is going to be no more from March onwards ( along with other 2 employees). Reason stated was cost reduction. We are given 2 months time to look for alternate roles. We were told there is no bench for Sales team, which was not told when I joined the team.

I was considered for near future opening by the concerned manager, but it was not allowed by HR who blocked the assignment.

I sent my resumes for more than 30 SPOCs across the company and did not get much response. Most of the openings are getting filled through informal relationships (either by vertical managers or by resource team) and not properly matching the profiles. This was also  highlighted by my colleagues who seek opportunities through formal channels.

Since I did not get alternate role, HR set my LWD as 28-April and triggered EMS.

I worked for this organization for more than 17 years and got consistent performance rating. My last year rating was EP – exceptional performance. My total experience is 30 years with HCL experience of 17 years.

The questions which come to my mind are,

  1. What is the cost saving, company is going to achieve by sending out a person getting not a high salary and other side retaining many positions which get very high salary?
  2. What is the of purpose annual performance rating, when EP rated person can be sent out in 2 months without any justification?
  3. If sales is not as expected, why the leadership is not getting the impact and only low level resources are getting the hit?

– an aggrieved HCL Employee

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    • ARDHENDU on June 22, 2017 at 2:31 pm
    • Reply

    It is very sad to hear this kind of monopoly by the corporate agencies. Not only one , more than 20 of my friends during my job tenure in this IT industry have faced the same kind of problem, which the labor department is not able to understand.
    -Are we telling the false thing?
    -Are we here having higher education want to create disturbance in society?
    -Are we really considered as normal citizen and should we have the right to raise the voice?
    so many a time I am getting the answer NO?

    Will the govt wake up to listen the voice of educated,even those who are doing white color jobs.
    Then it is difficult to listen the voice of uneducated mass.

    In this world GOD can save!

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