Hindu terrorism becoming mainstream ideology!

BJP has got around 50% of the votes in north Indian states. Based on this, BJP claims it has succeeded in uniting voters across castes into single Hindu identity. This claim cannot be ignored entirely, though it is little exaggerated.

This is a significant aspect of this election. During pre and post Babri Masjid demolition, BJP harvested votes by projecting the picture of “Ram vs Muslims” and flaming the religious enmity. The current mentality of the Hindu Majority is more dangerous.

During the last 5 years of Modi’s rule, numerous attacks and murders on Muslims have been perpetrated. Dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was lynched by cow protection goondas. Akhlaq was beaten to death in UP for allegedly possessing beef in his home. Police Inspector Subhodhkumar who handled this murder case was killed by a gang of Hindu hooligans.

Phelu Khan, Muhammad Akhlaq and teenage Junaid Khan who were lynched by Hindu goondas.

Muzzafarpur saw a riot against Muslims after a foisted allegation of love jihad. Junaid Khan was stabbed to death under the pretext of not giving space to seat in a train. These are only a few examples.

What was the impact of these incidents on the Hindu majority? Such attacks have become normal for the Hindu majority. Many of them don’t give a damn about the attacks on minorities. Many people don’t consider BJP as a party of Hindu radicalism.

Only a few intellectuals and activists speak against such attacks. Other parties or people don’t oppose them. In other words, The majority is not worried about Muslims being pushed to the status of second class citizens. Though they don’t use ‘Hindu Rashtra’ which is the vocabulary of the Sangh family, the public opinion is that this is a “Hindu country” as the majority here are Hindus.

“Dominant caste psyche without even a speck of guilt consciousness against caste oppression” forms an important foundation to the mentality of taking the atrocities against minorities as normal. However, the main background for the creation of this new situation is because the Brahminical Hindu religion has never been challenged ideologically in these states.

In addition, there is no awareness about Brahminism in those people called liberals or progressivists or communists both right and left. They don’t oppose the concept of Hindu-Hindi-India. They don’t understand that Brahminism is against the rights of nation-states, languages, etc.

Instead, all, starting from Congress to namesake communists and liberal intellectuals, have the opinion that “Hinduism is democratic and multi-faceted, but only the Hindutva promoted by RSS is fascistic insisting on single culture”. Justifying Brahminism in the name of Gandhism is a not only historical hoax but also against the reality of today’s’ society.

This recognition of Hinduism aka Brahminism is welcomed by the Sangh family with glee. Their propaganda says “Hinduism by its very nature democratic. It coexists peacefully with other religions. That’s why India is also democratic. This liberal attitude of Hindus is the reason behind the highhandedness of the people of other religions”.

After Gujarat mass murder in 2002, Hindu majority there said: “It is only Modi who showed Muslims their place”. This view originates from the propaganda above. Studies made after the election results reveal that this view has a significant influence on the Hindu majority in north Indian states today.

Rahul visiting a temple during MP state election in order to show he is also a Hindu.

The election results of many states including UP & Bihar show the failure of the “Social Justice” parties which argued “we can defeat Kamandal with Mandal” and “Brahminism that justifies the caste system can be defeated by using the caste itself”. Only BJP has benefited using the reservation, internal reservation, and divisions among oppressed and backward castes. The election results have also taught us a lesson that we can’t defeat the Brahminism using Brahminism.

BJP has also succeeded in linking Hindu identity with Indian national identity. By showing Hinduism as an integral part of the nation, those who oppose Hinduism and those who oppose Modi are anti-nationals to BJP. Thus, the Brahminical fascism has united strongly the nation and religion and party and leader.

In the issue of immigrants in North-Eastern states from Bangladesh, Amit Shah says that “only those who come under the definition of Hindu can be given citizenship in India”. It is actually a trailer for what to come, the creation of a new definition of “India is a country for Hindus’ similar to the idea of “Israel is for Jews”.

What Modi has said in his victory speech is noteworthy here. He said that no opposition party dared to wear the mask of secularism this time. What Modi has said is true. The opposition parties did not even use the word secularism. From Congress to Left Communists, everyone exhorted to safeguard the plurality, but in words as ambiguous as possible.

Rahul went temple hopping and promised cow shelters during the state election in order to cajole the Hindu voters. Congress contestants fell at the feet of numerous ‘godmen’ and conducted yagnas.

While the opposition parties had thus surrendered, BJP went on an offensive spree. It fielded many terrorists as MP candidates. Pragya Singh Takur who was arrested under many sections of UAPA act and currently out on bail was put against Congress candidate and former CM Digvijay Singh in Bhopal. Bhopal made Pragya victorious with a difference of 3.5 lakh votes in spite of her venomous track record. Similar is the stories of Giriraj Singh, Sakshi Maharaj, Anandkumar Hegde, and Pratap Chandra Sarangi.

Pragya Singh Takur, Giriraj Singh, Sakshi Maharaj, Anandkumar Hegde and Pratap Chandra Sarangi.

To top it all, Sarangi who was the head of Bajrangdhal which was behind the burning alive of the Christian missionary named Stans in Orissa is now made a central minister. These are only a few examples of Modi Shah gang trying to bring Hindu terrorism into the mainstream.

But, what made all these terrorists win by 3-4 lakh votes? It means Hindu terrorism is becoming mainstream in North Indian societies. This is the aspect which is more worrisome than the election victory of Modi.


Originally published in – Puthiya Jananayagam (monthly)

Short translation from Tamil – Nesan

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