IBM Contract Employees : “But bro our life just f***d off”


  A conversation from NDLF English WhatsApp group. (some spellings and punctuations corrected and abusive words masked)

A : “Hi all what you think about layoff in IBM Noida only for contractors. Those who spend 3 to 4 years in IBM and our team is more revenue generating team within account. Any one have answers and solution, my exp brothers”

B : “dont have any words about s***t”

C : “Just approach labour commission”

A. “Its just bullshit IBM layoff contractor. We have spent our 4 years in IBM supporting IBM. And our team is more revenue generating team within account”

D. [This describes the ground reality] “Contract employment`s very purpose is ad-hoc resource usage. It is never meant to be related with revenue or other targets. Thats why arbitrary layoffs for contractors every now & then.  As IBM India has a large no of contract employees, so it’s obvious these kind of layoffs are normal over there. It is totally different from permanent employee layoffs. I don’t think labour commissioner office or court can do anything about it. As contract employment means for limited time.”

A: “But bro we f***d off more than 3 years in IBM and our manager becomes and we f****d in the same level. But bro our life just f***d off”.

D: “It doesn’t matter how many years u have given. It’s all about the rules of engagement. In the first place u were never on the roles of IBM. U were paid by some third party vendors. So in fact u are the employee of that company not IBM. I can feel ur pain. But these things works this way only. Now companies not even sparing the permanent employees. In these times who will care for contractors. Besides It’s common in IBM When a layoff happens in any IBM account , contractors are the first to go.”

  1. We received information from one of our union members working as a manger in IBM Chennai (DLF campus) that contract employees were fired without notice. Employees working full time in projects for years have been asked not to come to work next morning. Many went out in tears.
  2. Another union member is is hired for TCS repeatedly by different contractors, after releasing him from employment in between. According to him there is no leave facility to contract employees. Salary is paid only after Time Sheet is approved and thus get delayed to 5th or even 10th of month.
    He says, above all, there is a constant pressure on the employee “to behave” and “obey” due to  fear of being sent out or not getting confirmed.
  3. NDLF IT Employees Wing is helping an employee cheated by TCS recruitment scam. She paid Rs 1.1 lakh for a Job Assured Training program by CMC a subsidiary of TCS and appointed as a contract employee .
    “She was not given any general administrative information like working hours, lunch break, leave taking procedure, weekly leave, yearly leave, casual leave, etc.
    she was told curtly “We have only this job. Take it or leave it”. After deductions of PF, ESI, she was paid a salary of Rs 6,700 per month. Bus charge itself ate up half the salary. After 3 months, working even on Saturdays and Sundays became a norm. She worked tirelessly and performed well.
    She worked for the client in production as a regular full-time employee.
    At the end of July, she got an email saying her assignment is coming to an end and she has to meet HR officer Deepa for exit formalities. Only then she realized that she has been cheated. She came to know that her job guarantee after training was nothing but a short term contract employment.

According to a report by gadgetsnow in 2014 “[IBM] spends over $150 million annually to hire contract IT staff, which as per estimates translates to more than 15% of its overall workforce. Accenture, Microsoft and Cisco spend over $80 million each on maintaining a vast pool of contract workforce, while Cognizant, Oracle and HCL Technologies shell out over $50 million each to augment their IT staff with contract resources that work as an extended IT team.”

We can fight IBM, TCS and other IT companies on contract employment. As per law contract/temporary employees to be engaged ONLY for non-production activities. eg canteen, gardening, cleaning, house keeping etc. If an employee worked in revenue generating, customer facing, production work, and the work continues for more than a year, they can argue that they are in fact a regular employee.

All contract employees in IT sector should unite and demand the companies to give them permanent employment.

Not satisfied with using the contract employee system, companies find novel ways of exploiting youth. HCL wants to use 12th pass students in their employment (Now, HCL Tech is looking for 12th-pass IT Engineers). Wipro’s WASE guarantees them young, captive work force who are bonded to the company for 4-7 years at low salary.

All IT employees should unite to put an end to these unfair and immoral practices by the corporates.

Contract employees, please fill the form to register yourself with NDLF IT Employees Wing. We will contact you with more details and further plan of action.

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