Must watch : 12th student on hindutva lynchings!

— Urdu poetry —

My dear brothers and sister, this is exactly what is happening in our country today. Incidents after incidents, incidents after incidents and we are quiet. First Dadri in UP, then Una in Gujarat, and now Alwar in Rajasthan. If you are unaware of what I am speaking and talking about, I will tell you what exactly happened in these three states of our country.

In the year 2015 a man name of Akhlaq in Dadri in UP was killed by this so called Gau Rakshaks. Because they thought that he was storing beef in his house. And after this incident the BJP minister Mahesh Sharma said that this is just an accident and should not be given the name of communal violence and the whole country keeps quiet and accepts that this is an accident and thinks that it will not happen again.

But sadly again in the year 2016, in Gujarat in Una 4 Dalit men were chained to a car, striped off their clothes and beaten in public. Why? because they were skinning a dead animal! because they were skinning the skin of a dead cow, a cow which died its natural death! Again the whole nation keeps quite, thinking that just an accident and will not happen in future.

But sadly, again in 2017 in Alwar in Rajasthan Pehlu Khan is killed by the so called gau rakshaks. Because they thought he is a cow smuggler. But he was just a dairy farmer, who earns his living by selling the milk of the cow. And the BJP minister says that it is a mistake on both the parts. And again the whole nation is quiet, thinking that this is just an accident and will not happen in future.

I am in shock after this incident, I am in a shock, what logic a man kills another man and for an animal! Where is our education taking us towards?

My brothers and sisters try and understand the hypocracy of this government, that bans beef in UP, that bans beef in Rajasthan, that bans beef in Gujarat, but does not ban it in North East and Kerala.

Their purpose is not to ban beef, but to divide people. Let us not forget that British could take over our country only because then we were divided on the basis of caste and religion and this is exactly what this government is doing. It is trying to divide the people and rule. It is trying to divide and rule.

So I ask the secular people of this country to stand up and speak against this communal violence. To stand up and speak against this government. Because if you do not speak today these incidents will increase, increase and tomorrow it might happen with you.

I would like to end by quoting a small Shehri in Urdu.

—- Urdu poetry—

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