Infosys Mahindra City : “Prison Made of Gold Doors”

Infosys employee Ilayaraja

NDLF IT Employees Wing condoles the tragic and untimely death of Ilayaraja

NDLF IT Employees Wing condoles the tragic and untimely death of Ilayaraja. We convey our condolences to his family, friends and relatives.

Ilayaraja from Tamil Nadu’s Tiruvannamalai district was working in Infosys Mahindra City campus. He was found dead in the dormitory bathroom on Wednesday morning. Different news reports give different version of what happened. One thing is clear. Ilayaraja went to work to Infosys, Mahindra City on Monday and worked, slept, worked and slept for 48 hours at the end of which he was found dead in the bathroom of company dormitory.

30 years old Ilayaraja’s tragic and unfortunate death saddens everyone. The company was prompt in sending an Obituary email to all employees, removing Ilayaraja’s profile in the system immediately and issuing sanitized information to press, police and outsiders.

Ilayaraja has succumbed to Infosys work practices. This is the second death of an employee inside Infosys campus in the past 6 months. In January Infosys employee Raseela Rajau was killed in Infosys’s Pune camputs. Now Ilayaraja’s life is lost.

One employee describes Infosys, Mahindra City campus as “Prison Made of Gold Doors”.

“Me too fell down due to sleepless night s while working in Infosys. I broken my head and they admitted me into Hospital. After 3 days my PM called me and asked when will I come office. But that heartless PM didn’t ask single word about my health condition. After returned to office I sent a mail to him I am not willing to work under him. Then they released me. Infosys Mahindra City is Prison Made of Gold Doors.”

Infosys Mahindra City

Infosys Mahindra City is Prison Made of Gold Doors

Questions Infosys need to answer

  1. Is it normal for an employee to stay 2 days in office without going home?
  2. What work did Ilayaraja do on May 29, 30, 31? Did HR inform Ilayaraja’s home that he is staying in the company and working continuously for 48 hours?
  3. Which client did Ilayaraja serve? Did ilayaraja’s project mates and persons in client location also stayed back for the last 48 hours in office? What sort of best practices were followed by Infosys to ensure safety of employees working for such gruelling hours?
  4. Why separate room facility was not given for Ilayaraja who stayed for project related requirement?
  5. Why Managers and best practices never question why employees are staying more than 8 hours in office?
  6. Are clients forcing employees to stay for 48 hours ? Which clients?
  7. Will working hours records of all 2 lakh employees of Infosys be scrutinized to expose similar violations?


Working day and work hours : over-work is a slow killer!

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