Infosys : Truth behind “No Layoffs” Policy – Employee Inputs

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We received the following communication from Infosys employees.  We suggest that the pronouncements by IT companies, NASSCOM and their body servant central government should be classified under “Corporate Speak” – giving general, moral statements disregarding all factual information and practical events.

Over to Infosys “Corporate Speak”.

A. “No Layoffs, but Employees Asked to Leave the Company”

According to a report, Infosys is expected to ask more than 1000 high-level managers (JL6, JL7 level) to leave the company with 1-day as notice period.

Without making any reference to the reported lay-offs, Infosys issued a statement saying said performance review of employees is a regular process and that sustained poor performance could lead to “separation”.

Open Questions to Infosys management:

1) Is it called Performance Exits? How many victims will be happy about 1 day notice period?

2) How many years or days or weeks will be counted for Sustained Poor performance?

3) Is Employee provided sufficient opportunity and time to get trained and deliver in new technologies?

4) After layoff, do you have resources ready with Latest technologies on boarded to deliver as per client expectation?

5) Will clients be happy about layoffs in service industry with less resource than more resources in every area?

6) Are clients cheated in name of service quality replacing 10+ senior resources with Freshers or 2 years experienced resource?

7) Are at least top 10 or Top 20 customers consulted before making Layoff decision in service based companies? Why CSAT survey used as advantageous one for performance based exits?

B. Planned “Unplanned Layoffs” – clarity of thought in corporate speak!

Infosys sought to pacify employees’ fears, amid reports of layoffs, and said there was no ‘planned layoff.

However, the company said there could be performance-based exits as in the past. “I would like to put to rest any speculation around planned layoffs. As has been the case in the past, we will primarily see some performance-based exits,” Infosys Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao said in an email sent to the company’s staff.

The adoption of new technologies, automation and reduction in growth in the banking and healthcare segments in the U.S. and geopolitical events are impacting the profitability of Indian IT companies. – Infosys Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao

Questions to COO:

1) What do you mean by Performance based exits?

2) Can Unplanned Layoffs planned ?

3) Is it to convey that performance of person decreased suddenly in 2017 after Trump actions on US job Policy changes and H1b Changes?

4) Is it applicable for 2+ , 5+ or 15+ experienced resources?

5) Can alignment issues be addressed as performance Exits?

6) Are all the companies using cut and paste words like adoption of new technologies, automation like copycat software techniques and best practices from other companies?

7) When Infosys foundation spends crores for community development, Can’t they spend for employees training ?

C. Infosys and CSR   – social responsibility does not begin at home

Golden parachuted ex CFO Rajiv Bansal

Infosys spent a total of Rs 239.54 Crores out of the mandated Rs 243 Crores in 2014-15. According to the Annual Report, the balance amount was spent in April 2015.

The names of beneficiary organization have been mentioned.

  • 15% of contribution is to Akshaya Patra Foundation towards eradicating malnutrition and hunger.
  • Next top 5 grantees also include Chennai Mathematical institute, Ramakrishna Mission, IISC Bengaluru, Infosys Science Foundation and Spark IT Training Program run by the Infosys Foundation.
  • The website specifically mentions that the Spark IT Program does not guarantee an employment opportunity with Infosys after the training.
  • Other allocations include donations to IIT Bombay under healthcare and medical facilities and to Banerghatta National park towards destitute care and rehabilitation

D. Employee emails

1.  What is the truth?

“Managers are asked to force-fit 10% of their reporting managers into layoff count and asked to provide very negative feedback in ICount (Infosys performance appraisal system) and mark them as “Need Improvement/Can do Better”.

This is used as a ploy by HR to term such force-fit folks as nonperformers and force them to resign. When Manager disagree stating that the identified manager is a good performer, his Manager influences and overrides doing all the above in ICount for the identified manager.

On 19 May17, Infosys had laid-off many such employees. Those managers whose iCount got updated on 18 May 2017 with negative remarks are identified for layoffs by the management and are planned for exit accordingly.

2. How to humiliate a long serving employee – Infosys style

I am working with Infosys limited. I have 10+ years experience in IT, and working with Infosys for 5.5 years. I was consistently getting good rating, last year my manager got changed and new manager came. Some restructuring was done and team changes occurred.
1. removed all my Reportees
2. gave very bad rating
3. i was made reporting to junior.
Then came the appraisal process. I was not given enough work also and I was given need improvement and was put under PIP (performance improvement plan). This was total humiliation to me and i fear that my job will be lost any day.

D. By May 24, 2017, mail floated from HR end on Topic “Project Refusals”.

Continuous 3 project refusals due to location and shift constraint will be addressed as refusals and will attract termination if failed to report to different location as per Project requirements. Sounds like Hitler’s concentration camp victim’s segregation.

Is it time to create proofs for termination instead of planned layoffs?

E. Unionize

IT employees have realized that it is a fundamental right of an Indian citizen (under Article 19) to form associations or unions and in places such as Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, many have resorted to joining unions in an effort to challenge HR practices of IT companies.

Why to wait until doomsday? Act NOW instead of repenting later after Layoff?

Who is there to question Management? Whistleblower or Union? Yes it’s Union which can question wrong moves of Management.

Please join NDLF to have a Trade union in Infosys to address rights of people as precautionary measure. Else prepare to go to courts after forced resignation cases like cognizant,TCS and Wipro victims.

NDLF IT Employees Wing || || 9003198576

– written by a Socially Conscious Infosys Employee

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    • ARDHENDU SEKHAR BISWAL on June 2, 2017 at 5:24 pm
    • Reply

    I have been in this industry since last 11 years. sharing my experince with you.

    Suppose you have been working with one technology since last 8 years.You are closely monitored in the daily work how hard you are working. Some are also working extra hours at home out of office hour to surpass the colleagues rating.

    When technologies are required in company they hardly spent in few hours to train them which is not sufficient to work in a project. By that time if some people are found in the market from other companies then they pick them with little better salary as IT industry always have huge margin per resource whose range does not come under any labour law I feel.

    And the existing employees feel the loss of unemployability because the company fills the gap with new skilled people. And some times in the next year beginning companies can get resources from top colleges like IITs,NITs with very less starting salaries and skill them with new technology training . So it creates one more condition of un employability.

    So you with existing technology to work hard daily around 8-10 hours to sustain in the old technology. and in parallel you have to adapt new technology. Here the solution is companies should give in depth training to their existing employees which they feel like no need to train them by giving salary for around 2 months etc. easy to take new employees or skill the freshers from big colleges. No job security for existing employees for older skills.

    But in government sector for doctors and engineers they have the provision to train by paying salary and no job loss policy. So this is an industry where they are easily play with resources. And when ever existing employees not required give them rating of lowest bucket. So they have to leave organization.

    Atleast if you are forcing employees to leave then give them minimum 1 year salary or some security. They don’t say it before hand for any employee when to fire. It is a long back practice in this industry which is un kwown to the people those who are really discussing.

    Kindly always bring people to panel those who are working in this industry which is a truth for all IT companies. Please decide the salaries of skilled labors as you decide for others. Bcz with this huge margin IT labor business companies only benefit not employees always.As you know to learn and master a new technology it takes some times 5 to 6 months of hole day time, which IT companies never want to invest on it’s employees. So if you really want to discuss please go to the root.

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