Dishonest INTEGRA violates labour laws! Workers fight for their rights!

Foil the oppression by INTEGRA management.

On the one hand, capitalists sermonize to workers to respect rule of law; on the other hand the state builds up massive police and intelligence setup to maintain law and order. But capitalists show their respect to rule of law, court judgements and government orders only by treating them as toilet papers; government which pounces on protesting workers stand mute witness to the lawlessness of these capitalists.

This is illustrated by the recent illegal acts by INTEGRA, Sriperumpudur.

Integra Automation Pvt Ltd is located at Mannurpettai near Sriperumpudur. Its workers are fighting for their rights under the leadership of New Democratic Labour Front. There are court cases pending on many disputes.

The Chennai High court has already passed an order restraining Integra management from changing the service conditions of the workers in anyway. The industrial dispute case raised by the workers is pending with the labour department. Therefore it is the duty of the Integra management to run the factory as before till these cases are resolved.

A few months back, Integra management tried to violate the law by declaring a partial lock-out. When the labour department ruled that the lock-out is illegal, on November 7, 2016 the management declared the lock-out as lifted. But, without starting production in Sriperumpudur unit, it secretly shifted the orders to Coimbatore factory and started supplying its Sriperumpudur customers from Combatore. This is yet another proof that the capitalist class is personification of lies, deception, dishonesty and lawlessness.

The management, which is bent on crushing the workers struggle for their rights, embarked on the illegal attempt to relocate the machines from this unit to another branch and backstab the workers. It used the Pongal holidays, when the workers had gone to their native places to carry out this sinister plan. After sending a factory closure notice to the government on 12-01-2017, the management started smuggling the machines from the night of 13-01-2017 itself. They did not even bother to inform the workers who are bound to lose their jobs. They did not mention about the case in Chennai High court in their closure notice. The labour department is complicit with them.

Getting information about these, the workers blockaded the factory on 14-01-2017. The management started threatening the workers using local politicians and police. Without giving in to these threats, the workers continue their blockade; they are staying in front of the factory day and night; cooking there their meals there itself and keeping vigil.

  • Join hands with the workers struggle!
  • Foil the oppression by Integra!
  • Rally against capitalism!

News sent by:
New Democratic Labour Front,
Thiruvallur (West) District

Translation by : Nesan

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