Is the world safe to bring children into!

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…her terrible end makes every parent cringe at the thought of her suffering

I wish to discuss an issue that has not received the attention it deserves in the media. Hasini was born as a bundle of joy to her parents, but her terrible end makes every parent cringe at the thought of her suffering. Every parent feels helpless without knowing whom to blame. Some people blame her parents for letting her play alone in the car-parking while they went shopping. Are the parents to be blamed really? I don’t recall ever being confined at home when I was small. I used to roam on the streets of my neighbourhood along with my friends without any fear. This is the way it should be. Instead, the situation today is such that we are all questioning why she was left unattended. Isn’t it the basic right of every child to have the freedom to play in the open without fear and with full safety?

Today, whenever a mother steps out of the house with her toddler, she needs to be always conscious of her whereabouts and reassure herself about the safety of her child by constantly holding her hand.

I know a couple who have decided not to have a kid fearing to bring it to this dangerous world though they dearly want to have one. Similarly, I’ve often wondered whether I’ve been selfish in bringing my children into this world just because I wanted to experience the joy of motherhood. If not, how can I justify myself? How can I ensure that they grow up in a safe world? Although it leads to many issues, let’s confine ourselves to this one.

Will making the punishments more severe change this scenario? Very few people might think twice out of fear but we can’t stop the crime completely. People with power and position know how to escape the law, if at all they get caught. People, who do not have anything to lose, wouldn’t fear anything. So, ruling out this option, the next one is self-realisation. As philosophical as it sounds, it cannot happen overnight.

Is there really a solution to this problem? I’ve always believed that there is no problem without a solution. “Every child is a good child, when he or she is brought to this world. Whether he or she becomes good or evil depends on, how he or she is brought up by his or her mother.” This is a quote from a famous tamil song. I modify its version a little bit. It is the responsibility of both the parents to yield a responsible child to the nation. No parent will deliberately raise their child to be an evil person. But they directly or indirectly influence them.

it becomes everyone’s moral responsibility to raise their child to be good so that they pose no harm to the society

So, it becomes everyone’s moral responsibility to raise their child to be good so that they pose no harm to the society. If every child grows up to be a good adult, the world will become a safe place for every child. Now the important question is how do we raise our children to be good?

Let me share some of my views in regard to that
• Show them love in such a way that they feel it and reciprocate it. Love opens many doors.
• Spend quality time with your children in spite of your busy schedule. Engage them physically by your presence, not by gadgets. Don’t let them feel neglected.
• Teach them moral values by means of stories like Panchatantra. Correct them when they do wrong things. Encourage their good activities.

In other words, befriend them, don’t thrust your views on them, don’t criticise them in front of others, teach them to make right choices in tough situations, and the list goes on…

Parents should live the way they want their children to be. Parents are the role model for their children. Children do what the parents do. Nowadays, we cannot raise our children the way our parents raised us. We are in a complicated world.

Every parent has the prime responsibility in raising their kid. No gadget, no money, none of the luxuries, can substitute a loving and responsible parent. It’s high time we focus on our children for their better future.

Let us create wonderful citizens and they will make a wonderful world for themselves.

Published by Seetha Sekar in Facebook

How can I ensure that they [out children] grow up in a safe world?” is a profound question raised by Seetha. Are the parents not responsible to ensure their children’s safety, having bought them into this world?

Yes, the solution suggested by Seetha is important – “it becomes everyone’s moral responsibility to raise their child to be good so that they pose no harm to the society“.

We need every parent to raise their child to be good, without single exception – to provide a safe world to all children. That means everyone should work towards making the whole society transform. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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