IT Companies, Stop Layoffs : Your Thirst for Profit Costs Lives!

There is a news spreading in WhatsApp that an IT employee of a leading IT company working in Bangalore jumped out of 11th floor and committed suicide. He had a discussion with HR manager and was asked to submit resignation. He has taken this extreme decision immediately after this discussion

This image was received in WhatsApp and we are not able to verify the news from mainstream media. But, as many of our members and IT employees confirm that this tragic incident took place as indicated, we are publishing it here.

Last year, a Techie from Pune Durga Prasad committed suicide and in his suicide note, he mentioned that “job security is not there in IT industry. I am very much worried about my family”. It is very unfortunate that increasing number of people take this extreme decision

We sincerely want IT employees not to take this decision. As part of NDLF, we helped more than 500 employees from termination issues. We spread awareness on legal proceedings and rights of IT employees in various forums. . I am from IT industry working in one of the top 5 leading company in India. NDLF has thousands of employees like me as members. We provide counselling and provide positive support for employees facing layoff threats. We help IT employees to take legal fight if required. So please give us a call and we are here to help you. Don’t ever go for such extreme decisions in life and definitely your life is very important than job or for that matter anything else.

We require IT companies to stop illegal terminations at least from now on. Recently I have seen a news that Infosys completed 25 years of listing in stock market and Rs 10,000 invested in Infosys is worth more than Rs 2 crore now. TCS is coming for Rs 15,000 crore share buyback recently. Definitely employees are the pillar for the heights company reached. The employees working with the company have elderly parents, dependent family and friends, school going kids, housing loan and various other commitments. They are not the resources to be considered as extra baggage and thrown out, but human beings with flesh and blood. Please formulate better procedures to increase profits instead of sacking employees.

Layoffs are happening everywhere and the governments should come forward to stop layoffs. There are increasing layoff incidents in Tech Mahindra and I personally I talked with many of them recently. IT sector employees are one of the highest tax paying members of society and definitely government should formulate strict rules to prevent IT companies doing hire and firing and help IT employees from illegal layoff

Finally I pray God that the suicide news being spread proves to be false. But if it is true, definitely company management is responsible for this incident and government should understand the seriousness of this issue and take action to stop such incidents in future.

– Shyam Sundar, President, NDLF IT Employees Wing

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