IT Employees announce demonstration in solidarity with TN farmers protesting in Delhi!

Chennai police has given permission to hold a demonstration in support of farmers protesting in Delhi, near Pallavaram Ambedkar statue on April 18, 2017 Tuesday from 4 pm to 7 pm. The efforts of IT Employees from MEPZ, Tidel Park, DLF and other places in co-ordination with NDLF – IT Employees Wing resulted in this success.

On our letter asking for permission to hold the demonstration in support of farmers demands and to cancel Hydrocarbon project in Neduvasal, police gave permission to do so near Pallavaram Ambedkar statue.

Please spread the word among IT employees. Let us gather in huge numbers in support of farmers


Central Government!

  • Waive all bank loans of Tamil Nadu farmers!
  • Provide Rs 25,000 per acre drought relief to all farmers!
  • Immediately set up Cauvery Water Management Board !
  • Set remunerative prices for farm produce!
  • Cancel all Hydrocarbon projects including Neduvasal project which affect farm lands

State Government!

  • Protect water resources vital for agriculture!
  • Protect farmers from usury and micro finance lenders!
  • Do not allow Neduvasal project to proceed!
  • Shutdown river sand quarry
  • Provide relief to agricultural workers!

IT Employees!

  • Join hands to protect our land, water, agriculture and farmers!
  • Organize as Union to safeguard our rights and our country’s welfare


New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing
: 90031 98576
Email –

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