IT Employees for Farmers – Join hands for the future of our own children!

Let us all unite to show our solidarity with the farmers. Their demands are genuine and the government should have taken care of them on its own.

If that doesn’t happen, we can’t just sit and watch.

Remember, it is not only for the welfare of the farmers and agriculture, it has our own welfare in it. It is our future.

If we don’t prove ourself to the farmers that we stand with them, they would lose their hope at some point and give up agriculture.

In fact, many have already given up farming and started moving into cities.

If it continues, we would have to witness our kith and kin dying of thirst and hunger.

If we can’t do anything now, it will be too late later.

So, if you have, for various reasons, not able to show your support, we request you to join hands to protect our land, water, agriculture and farmers.

It is now or never.

– written by Seetha Sekar

A demonstration in support of protesting farmers will be held near Pallavaram Ambedkar statue on April 18, 2017 Tuesday from 4 pm to 7 pm.


Central Government!

  • Waive all bank loans of Tamil Nadu farmers!
  • Provide Rs 25,000 per acre drought relief to all farmers!
  • Immediately set up Cauvery Water Management Board !
  • Set remunerative prices for farm produce!
  • Cancel all Hydrocarbon projects including Neduvasal project which affect farm lands

State Government!

  • Protect water resources vital for agriculture!
  • Protect farmers from usury and micro finance lenders!
  • Do not allow Neduvasal project to proceed!
  • Shutdown river sand quarry
  • Provide relief to agricultural workers!

IT Employees!

  • Join hands to protect our land, water, agriculture and farmers!
  • Organize as Union to safeguard our rights and our country’s welfare


New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing
: 90031 98576
Email –

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