IT Employees support farmers struggle!

IT employees have been following the ongoing protest by Tamil Nadu farmers in New Delhi and all over Tamil Nadu with concern and anguish.

The sustained neglect of farming sector by successive governments, destruction of water bases for agriculture, unfavourable market conditions for farm outputs, debt trap to farmers, and added to all this the unprecedented drought situation in Tamil Nadu have led to a deep crisis in the livelihood of people of Tamil Nadu. The central and state governments have turned a blind eye to these issues and leaders of ruling parties belittle the farmers struggle.

But, IT Employees who are on the forefront of technology world and lead a relatively secure life, do understand the implications of damage to our agriculture economy in terms of food security for everyone and to the livelihood of several crore people who depend on the informal sector.

In order to express their support for farmers struggle and show solidarity with their cause, IT Employees in Chennai have planned to hold hour long silent protest meets outside their respective offices on April 3, 2017, the day of general strike called by the Tamil Nadu farmers associations.

IT professionals working in Tidel Park, MEPZ, Siruseri SIPCOT, Sholinganallur SIPCOT and other places have decided to come out of their offices at 4 pm and stand in peaceful gatherings to show support for the farmers demands.

IT employees stand with Farmers in demanding

  • Waiver of all private and bank loans of farmers
  • Rs 25,000 per acre drought relief to all farmers
  • Relief to agriculture labourers
  • Constitution of Cauvery Management Board
  • Ensuring water rights of Tamil Nadu and rescuing water bodies vital to agriculture
  • Permanent solution to the issues faced by Tamil Nadu fishermen

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