IT Friends – Take up Cudgels against Forced Resignations!

Dear IT/ITES friends,

Layoffs/forced resignations attacks unleashed by our employers in the last few months have reached a new peak now. News reports about Cognizant sending out 15,000 employees, Wipro forcing 6,000 employees to resign and about layoffs in Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Infosys, HCL, DXC, etc keep coming in. Livemint magazine has estimated that around 56,000 employees are in the process of being sent out by these 7 leading companies alone.

The ousted employees are staring at a bleak future. Those still employed dread when their turn will come. In essence, no one in this sector has job security. Moreover, there is no way to resist the increased work load on remaining employees in the aftermath of these mass layoffs.

To increase their profitability, corporates unleash automation and increased workload on employees. That leads them to replace experienced hands with freshers.

There is no real difference between IT companies and our politicians. Politicians promise freebies, distribute cash, dish out tall promises and divide people along caste and communal lines to will elections. Once they come to power they start treating people like dirt. Company managements sweet talk about ‘team spirit’, ‘on-site opportunity’, ‘consider this is as your company’, ‘you have a bright future in the company’ and so on. They use the appraisal system to divide us and extract work. But, once they decide that we are not needed, they brand us ‘under-performer’, insult us and throw us out. Are we going to meekly submit to this or oppose such mean behaviour of management?

How can we oppose this? Multi billion dollar companies like Cognizant, Wipro, TCS and others have strong organisation structure from CEO at top to the low level HR officer with clearly defined roles and rules and regulations. How can an individual employee dependent on the next month pay check to meet commitments face up to this mighty corporate? HR exploit our insecurity, threaten us and force us to resign. How can we oppose this? IT companies have NASCOM to further their interests against employees. What do we need to combat attacks from such powerful organizations?

We need a Union of IT employees to represent our interests. Unions ensure democracy for employees at work place. A representative of employees can face HR without fear or favour. Uniting in such a Union is the only way to counter HR atrocities and create a healthy work atmosphere.

Transport workers, Bank Employees, Factory workers have unions to ensure job security and safeguard their work place rights. Their labour operates the buses, makes banks function, and produce industrial goods. Similarly, IT employees who make the computer world tick should unionise. The right to form Union was won after long and bitter struggles by thousands of workers all over the world. This is a fundamental right guaranteed in our constitution and enforced through central and state labour laws.

Central and state governments shower low cost land, uninterrupted electricity at subsidized rates and tax concessions to corporates claiming that they create job opportunities for our people. But when the companies resort to large scale retrenchments the governments remain mute spectators.

Only when we join together as a Union, we can protect our livelihoods. We can also extend our suppor to the struggle of students, fishermen, farmers and industrial workers against exploitation of our labour and natural resources by profit hungry corporates. Yes, it is time to wage a second freedom struggle against corporate oppression.

Let us organize ourselves as a Union and raise our voice of support in solidarity with employees affected by forced resignations by Wipro, Cognizant and other companies.


Condemning layoffs/forced resignations by IT companies and calling on IT employees to organize

Venue: near Sholingallur signal, Chennai
Date: May 18th Thursday
Time: Evening 5 pm to 7 pm

Central, state governments

  • Immediately stop illegal retrenchments by IT companies such as Cognizant, Wipro and others!
  • Conduct enquiry into forced resignations in IT companies!

Cognizant, Wipro, Tech Mahnidra, Capegemini and other IT Companies

  • Stop forced resignations immediately!
  • Take back all employees who were forced to resign!
  • Abolish the unscientific appraisal rating system!

Employees of IT/ITES sector

  • Protest against the illegal, unfair and unprofessional retrenchments!
  • Organize as trade union get rid of the appraisal rating system and create a democratic work place!

Working masses of our beloved country!

  • Stand in solidarity with the struggle of IT employees against recolonization attack!
  • Mobilize Organize for another freedom struggle against corporate plunder!

New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing

Phone: 90031 98576

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