It Life – Fun or Problems : A Book to Guide Through Layoff Maze

Name of the Book : IT Life – Fun or Problems
Pages : 64
Price : ரூ 60


Publisher’s Note

  1. Layoffs in IT companies
  2. Can the management terminate employees whenever it wants?
  3. Corporate Appointment Letter and Mafia Loan Agreement
  4. Don’t Resign without a Job in Hand
  5. Can an IT Employee Fight the Company?
  6. IT Layoffs – A Word to HR
  7. Do Onsite and Higher Salary secure our future?
  8. Appraisal and HR Threats – Don’t be Afraid
  9. Join Union and Secure your legal rights
  10. IT Layoffs – Are we really smart?

We request all employees and aspiring employees of IT sector to buy, read and widely circulate the book among their friends and colleagues. (The book is available in Tamil version also).

Please send an email to indicating no of copies you require or contact us at 9003009641.

You can pay the cost of book to union’s bank account or pay in cash.

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