IT Life – “We expect more than 100% from you” : Video

IT Life – The Promotion and The Reality

Indian IT majors Infosys, TCS and others recruit the best and the brightest from colleges all over India. A career in IT is presented as a heaven on earth.

Watch this video by Infosys

A day in the life of a trainee.

In the 165 seconds video, hardly 20 seconds show training or anything related to work. The rest is all about five star style sleeping, eating, shopping, playing, yoga, dancing and gossiping.

“You get into an IT job, and live a five start life”. That is the message.

What about the nature of training? and work life afterwards. Where will I use my talent? What achievements I would make?

Watch the short film “IT CHOD” (in Telegu with English subtitles) from the life of a fresher.

  1. the training platform – Where the quality of training and kind of life one has to fit in is revealed.

2. the compromise platform

Development – No
Atleast Support with on-site opportunity – No
Finally get production support after falling at HR feet. Rajesh in the film atleast gets a workstation of his own, in some projects, freshers play musical chair to get a system to work with.

3. Frustration platform

Finally reality of IT work arrives. Morning, day, night shifts, no week ends, 6 pm lunches, dozens of cups of coffee, a rare rare week end off interrupted by angry call from team lead.

Conference calls force you to smile and say “yes sir”, “sure sir” in response to the client.  Even teammates (who can work the system) take advantage of you.

A shout from client gets transferred from manager to team lead and then to the employee who puts up with everything – all for a good appraisal rating and on-site opportunity.

4. A hard landing

Appraisal time arrives – one even laughs hard for the manager’s tame jokes. But appraisal meeting ends with a 3 rating. “We expect more than 100% from you”.

The promised land of on-site opportunity eludes for months finally to meet a permanent road block.

The short film ends with the person resigning his job before he is completely squeezed out (like a lemon). But not everyone has this option what with home loan, car loan EMIs and other family commitments.


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