Jallikattu protests – voice of Tamil Nadu for democratic rights

Dear IT friends,

A planned disinformation campaign is being conducted by Modi government about the protests by students and youth of Tamil nadu in support of Jallikattu. The media is used to spread lies that anti social elements have infiltrated the protests and hence the police is forced to take action.

This is an utter lie. As lakhs of people who gathered in Marina and other places of protest all over Tamil Nadu know, the voice of Tamil youth against the dictatorial policies of Modi government suppressing Tamils and Tamil culture was raised in a peaceful and democratic manner. Almost everyone in Chennai participated in the protest by visiting Marina or following the events through TV and social networks.

Lakhs of people gathered in Marina and other places all over Tamil Nadu, regulated themselves and till last night media reports also highlighted the discipline and peaceful conduct of the protestors. However, with clear instructions from Delhi, the state police with the active help of central forces have unleashed unprovoked terror on the peaceful protestors early this morning. Thousands of protestors refused to leave Manina and continue to protest. Many more thouasands are coming out in the streets in support of protesters. Police is resorting to Lathi charge to disperse the peaceful group of people.

The protests conducted all over Tamil Nadu are not only for the right to conduct Jallikattu but they are the exprssion of anger of Tamil Nadu people at the high handed and anti people activities of Modi government. Canceling holiday for Pongal, refusing to set up Cauvery Management Board in utter disregard of Supreme Court order, the court ignoring this contempt of court, NEET exams for medical admissions, imposition of Sanskrit and series of other attacks including destruction of livelihoods through demonetization on the livelihood of Tamils built up massive anti establishment anger among the public. Jallikattu protests voiced the anger of Tamil people about all these issues.

Supreme Court judge Deepak Misra has said that, the verdict banning Jallikattu can be modified only when the central act is amended. Modi government refuses to amend the act and put the ball on the state government’s court. Hence the protesters refused to accept the state governments ordinance and continue the protest.

Through all these BJP is totally isolated in Tamil Nadu. BJP functionaries are not even able to come out on the streets fearing people’s anger. That is why they invented a new fact that the protest is infiltrated by Naxals and anti national forces. Infact, the protest is joined by all shades of democratic forces in Tamil Nadu, from groups professing extreme left politics to liberal right wing youth. Till last night, the protest was shown as and indeed was peaceful and exemplary. Today the state and media started the false campaign.

The media should follow basic media ethics. They should atleast folow the information shared by thousands on social media to know the real situation and should not fall prey to the lies of the ruling regime. Subramaniam Swamy’s call to deploy central forces show the true motive of this false campaign. There is a strong case to suspect that setting fire to Zambazar police station was the handi work of intelligence personnel to use as bogeyman in this false campaign against the protests.

We call upon IT employees all over India to express their support for this peaceful, democratic protest and expose the fascist face of Modi government.

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