Kaun Banega “Severance”pati – CTS cheats employees in the name of Severance Package – Audio

The Human Resource Department of CTS is working hard to invent novel methods for terminating their employees.  The current one is in the name of a Severance package offer to MS rated employees. We have received an audio recording from one of the CTS employee who was offered such package.

The employee concerned was awarded MS rating in the appraisal and even-though he is currently working in a project he was asked to resign.  Show cause notice  was issued to the employee on this regard. We all know how CTS show cause notice works. (If you want to know more here is our earlier article on this)


In this audio the HR manager is trying hard to convince the employee for the severance package. The severance package which itself is a fraud, offers employee 20 weeks of Basic, instead of 2 months of notice. The 20 weeks of Basic adds up to be equal to 2.5 months of salary.  The HR promotes this fraudulent scheme like a bumper offer that the employee should not miss.  HR even fixed a timeline of 8 PM after which the offer will not be available.

Part 1 Audio


Part 2 Audio


The Employee even pleads his case quoting the Pandemic situation and how it is impossible for a person laid off at this time will not be able to get another job. His voice tones down while referring about his family and becomes emotional and is not able to speak further.

This is the case, if you are in the project or in bench, you performed well in the past or even got awarded for your performance, management does not consider anything if they decide to lay you off they will proceed further. They don’t care even if there is a pandemic or anything worse is happening outside.

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