“Leave Office Early (On Time) ” – Employees Action Based on NDLF Post

We published an article (Managers Can Help to Stop Attacks on Women Employees) in our NDLF IT Employees Wing site about how managers can help to stop attacks on Women employees. It made a positive impact in one of the large teams in a top tier IT Company.

Some of the woman employees working in this leading company read our article and forwarded it to all fellow employees in their WhatsApp group. These employees are working in a Europe based account. The project contains nearly 60% of women employees. This project has many meetings scheduled in the late evening and most of the employees are forced to leave the office only after 10:00 pm. As we mentioned in our article, SOW (Statement of Work) for this project specifies only general shift and employees in this project are supposed to work in general shift timing which is between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Woman employees of this project formed a group and approached their project manager. Referring to our article they explained the difficulties they face in staying late. They asked the manager to help them to leave early. They pointed out that even as their project statement of work requires work during general shift only, they are working late evening every day.

Project manager took up this case strongly with the top officials of the project. Initially management refused to oblige to the employees’ demands but manager explained about SOW requirement and difficulties employees face in staying late.

The top management later conducted one-one discussion with many women employees in the project. Many employees presented their concern and made the top management understand the problem. The management finally agreed to take action on their complaint.

They have written to onsite team and customer side to plan and close all meetings before 8:00 pm. If for any emergency situation call has to be taken after 8:00 pm employees will be given option to take it from home. They also advised all employee to leave the office before 8:00 pm. A group mail was sent to all employees from the delivery team. In case it is absolutely necessary to stay after 8 pm, cab facility should be provided to the concerned employees.

Certainly, this is a positive change and I am sure that this will have a very positive impact in the team.

One of the problems in IT work environment is since different employees follow different work timings even when SOW demands general shift, it becomes difficult to track productivity of all members. If entire team adheres to common timings and work only stipulated hours, definitely productivity will improve. Definitely client side will agree to such basic demands. If client wants late evening support, we need to ask for alteration of SOW and ask for additional billing. This action is win-win to all sides and if productivity improves due to reasonable and healthy working hours, customer will also be happy to follow the procedure.

This is a good change to start with and we the the top company’s management for taking immediate action on the employees’ demand. If they plan even better and enable employees are enabled to leave prior to 6:30 pm instead of 8:00 pm, it will get even louder appreciation from all IT employees.

We call upon all IT/ITES employees to start a movement to bring working hours within limits and within reasonable bounds in all leading companies as well as in small/medium companies.

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Finally, talk about this and spread the word, let us begin the journey towards change. – Video from Tamil movie Velaikaran (“பொரணி பேசுவோம்” – Talk and Spread the Word)

Shyam Sundar,
President, NDLF IT Employees Wing

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