Letter against Pay Deduction and Bad Working Condition in BPO

This is a message sent from our union to one of the Semi Voice / BPO companies in Chennai. We are withholding the name of the company for now. If the company fails take action to redress employees grievances, we will reveal the name of the company.

We invite employees of BPO to contact us with any of their grievances to take up with their management.

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as NDLF IT Employees Wing which is a genuine trade union registered under Trade Union Act 1926, representing the IT employees of both national and global organizations.

We understand that M/S COMPANY is a US based company which carries out BPO operations in their Chennai office under two divisions DIV1 and DIV2. The company employs Tele Caller Agents for Education Process – Semi Voice in night shifts.

We have been contacted by many COMPANY employees complaining about their work conditions. The employees get a salary of about Rs 8,000 per month + variable pay of upto Rs 2500 per month. The company does not provide legally mandatory PF or ESI benefits. The employees do not get holidays for Indian festivals but only according to US calendar.

We are informed that last month the company deducted a considerable part of the employees salary citing QC Reject or DNC. This is an unfair labour practice and violates the payment of wages act 1936, which provides remedy against unauthorized deductions made by employer and/or unjustified delay in payment of wages.

Employees work under bad conditions. The air conditioning does not function and even the ceiling fans are not sufficient. Many of the agents use books and cards to fan themselves. Employees are forced to put up with mosquito bites, uncleaned offices and lack of adequate toilet facility. Now, the company started making unauthorized deductions from their salary. This is highly unethical, unfair and illegal.

We request you to reimburse the unfairly deducted salary and refrain from such practice in future. We also requests you to provide a hygienic work conditions and adequate toilet facilities. Please also provide PF, ESI benefits to the employees.

Please confirm receipt of this message and take prompt action to correct the above issues failing which we will advise the employees to approach the appropriate authorities in labour department for remedy.


R Sugendiran,
NDLF IT Employees Wing,
Contact: 9003009641

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