“life upside down in a matter of a week” – a Wiproite’s Trauma

Email received from a Wipro employee, which is self explanatory and insightful. Highlights in bold added by us throughout.


Thanks for the educating us on labor law and employee rights on new-democrats.com. I have 20 years of IT experience (slavery) and never thought of labor law support IT employees so far. I never trust and have no confident on Indian judiciary/Government as it supports only filthy rich/politicians and never supported workers or common man. (General motors, Dunlop and BNC Mills etc)

Performance appraisal

the person who don’t know anything about me rated me MCE

By the way I have been forcefully rated low by L2 Manager to MCE- More contribution Expected. I have been working in Wipro for the last 13 years without any customer escalation so far. I got many appreciations by customer in my current assignment at onsite (USA).

I got very good rating by my additional supervisor and Supervisor ( Highly Values Contribution) who knows how I work and my contribution for the project. but the person who don’t know anything about me rated me MCE for the reason am being 10 years in same Band ( C1) and continuously rated HVC ( Highly Values Contribution) for last 3 years.

I got selected in other projects and cleared client interview but system allocation is not being done as I’m falling under bottom 10 category. ( There is no scientific way followed to identify bottom 10 employee in any business line or project or team). which is really humiliated me to hear that I am an under performer without any proper reason and handling 3 project at onsite and taking calls every night from India.

My L2 manager says I’ll be getting call from HR soon and asking me to resign. I’m above 40 years and I don’t even get jobs in the market outside as my experience is close to 20 years and being a technical person. I never been in bench or non-billable and I worked very hard taking complete ownership on my work for last 13 years compromising my personal life.

they are targeting people who are good, soft and not fight back orally or don’t have any back ground to fight or defense

Also they are targeting people who are good, soft and not fight back orally or don’t have any back ground to fight or defense.

  • Why suddenly they are bringing Band inertia into picture and what is the wrong being continuously rated high for 3 consecutive times . I never signed for these sort of agreement while I join Wipro.
  • Does labor law supports us in these kind of unprofessional Band Inertia policy implemented by Wipro suddenly without any prior warning atleast a year back?
  • How to fight to change my appraisal ratings ? Can I go to court ?

Why Wipro suddenly changed to Quarterly performance appraisal instead of yearly. Its putting more pressure on reportees (Team member) and managers ( Supervisors) as every 3 months you will be evaluated and demands us to completes the appraisal on our personal hours as we can not afford to have time at office. Is this right according to Law evaluating a employee every 3 months ?

Think of a persons situations and trauma who worked at onsite (USA) for 2 years and forced to come back to India and again management forcing him to resign from his job by threatening.

They changed my life upside down in a mater of a week. How come anybody or however strong they are tolerate these kind of situations. I feel like they robed my life completely and shaken my confidence and every possibilities in my life. Even if i get job in other IT company I’ll become the easy target for the future layoff as my experience is more that is the only reason for layoff not the performance. so my life continuously in the state of danger and shaky.

There is no stand salary for IT employees based on experience or designation. They pay more when hiring if they need a person for a project as they don’t want to lose the business. The same reason would be given when they layoff anybody saying salary is more and it is called “financial drive”.

I paid around 20 lakhs rupees so far as a tax to Indian government. Would Indian government support me to fight against these unethical and unprofessional treatment and continue live my life peacefully.


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    • raj on May 31, 2017 at 3:49 pm
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    This article reveals lakhs of people real life struggle

    • Kabi on May 31, 2017 at 7:13 pm
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    Completely agreed with you. The fact is They treat us like raw materials and when use is over or becomes burden to them due to high package, they just throw is out to scorching heat of the burning sun . They don’t care if we die. bloody ruthless , greedy and selfish business class.The need of the hour is a strong union and unity among us.

    • Fire all vp & sr vp on June 1, 2017 at 4:23 pm
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    Guys we can fight only doing demonstrations at sarjapur office with our families and old parents, taking to labor courts etc.

    • Kabi on June 1, 2017 at 6:19 pm
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    Message to all IT folks ( who thinks the industry practices are unfair and we are being ill treated ) – Just gather courage , get together in large numbers ( all IC role people + the tech managers – who are all in receiving end ) and bunk work by a week to protest in front of respective labor dept. I strongly believe, companies can’t afford the delay in work completion as it may hamper their goodwill and come to your foot unconditionally.

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