Illegal layoffs by Lycatech and Plintron Global Technology

Lycatech (Ekkattuthangal) and Plintron Global technology (DLF IT Park) are software companies located in Chennai. Lycatech and Plintron Global Technology provide software services for Lyca group companies such as Lyca Mobile, Lyca Productions and others.

In the past one month, these companies have been terminating the services of a number of employees every week. More than 100 employees have been sent out after obtaining forced resignations.

Without any prior intimation, HR come to the desk of employees, make them sign resignation letter and send them out. Employees of the company say that such an atrocious practice is going on every friday.

The owner of this company is none other than Mr Subaskaran Alliraja, the founder of Lyca Productions and Lyca Mobile. At present, Lyca Productions is producing the movie 2.0 (the sequel to the movie Endhiran) directed by Sankar, starring Rajinikanth.

If the company reduces the salary of Rajinikanth from several crore rupees to a couple of crore, they need not resort to illegal forced resignations of employees to reeduce costs.

Lycatech/Plintron Global Technology Employees

Labour laws provide protection against forced resignations/terminations.

1. By filing a dispute under section 2K of Industrial Disputes Act, the concerned employees get legal protection against change in service conditions including termination.

2. The fearts that company will withhold gratuity money, will not give experience letter etc are unfounded.

For more informaiton read the article series on IT Life which talks about Layoff and the rights of employees.
Contact NDLF to put an end to the illegal forced resignations.

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