Malayalee Favouritism in Maersk? – An Employee Complains

What do you do when you suspect that there is some bias towards a particular caste, religion or a nationality in the company? One of NDLF IT union members, took it up with the management.  

After several exchanges the management agreed to set up an enquiry committee. 

Subject: Favoritism at the cost of innocent employees
To: [names and emails of recipients withheld]

Dear Sir,

I as an ex employee, member of New Democratic Labor Front and a citizen of India, wish to bring the issue to your notice considering the employees whose job and career is at risk because of the General Manager’s decisional changes.

I suspect a racism behind the changes and hence I felt this should be escalated to top heads so the issue can be investigated and if proven, appropriate measures would be put in place to put an end to this unhealthy approach and save the vulnerable employees.

May be it would argued that the non-Malayalam people are not capable enough to handle or lead. If so it is the GMs responsibility to groom them as per his demand and that is an important trait of leadership, I feel.

In the midst of the entire world marching towards an unity, this kind of harmful behavior should not be encouraged in a prestigious company like Maersk, I feel.

If the top heads are aware of this and if this is happening on your support, we NDLF would take necessary legal steps, with the help of political parties, Thamizh activist and media, I wish to inform.

Please find the grounds that is leading to suspicion.

[name withheld] was given additional responsibility of non& NAM in 2017

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) despite her long years as Delivery Manager was moved to redeployment

[name withheld] (Malayalee) was reporting to[name withheld] gets retained

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) despite his successful leadership in ECE, was moved into redeployment and now he is a part of different team

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) despite 10 years of leadership experience has been humiliated and been moved into redeployment

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) despite rich experience in shipping and four years of leadership in GSC is moved into redeployment

I ([id withheld]) (non-Malyalee) was put in PIP, despite a moderate performer and highest EES grosser in the dept. I was told if I don’t clear I would would be terminated. Hence I resigned.

[name withheld] (Malyalee) was made a part of ECE from a different team

[name withheld] (Malyalee) was made a part of [name withheld]’s team from Doc team

[name withheld] (Malyalee) with a background of highest attrition stays strong in his team

[name withheld] (Malyalee) was requested to rejoin the company

[name withheld] (Malyalee) is the Delivery manager for Nam military team was recently selected by [name withheld] from a totally different background of T&M

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) is at the risk of losing job or team change

[3 names withheld] (Non-Malyalee) are feeling insecured

Favoritism, though looks unethical, is an inherited trait in human, we agree. But not at the cost of innocent employees job and career

Requesting your immediate action to save the image of the company and to create equal opportunity to the people of the country which has given cost efficient place and resource to run the GSC.

Thanks and regards,

[name withheld]

Second mail

Dear Sir,

I am interested to know if there is any progress in the process. I understand that this would be an issue of least priority in your busy schedule, however refraining from taking steps would worsen the vulnerability of the employees at risk. And going further the GM can make some positive changes within the team to show himself unbiased, if he had heard about my allegation. Finally justice would not be served.

I would like to share few more details which I have, corroborating my allegation, as I felt that would help your enquiry process.

Any employee visiting cluster would be expected to stay with the same team for an year or more so that there would be a smoother implementation of the opportunities identified in the visit, considering the huge expenses incurred in travelling. But [name withheld] who visited cluster before 6 months was moved out immediately after [name withheld] took charge. [name withheld] was moved out of OTCS immediately after his visit to Eastern Africa. [name withheld] was moved out of SWA OTCS very immediately after his visit to the cluster.

These hasty movements without considering the cost incurred in travelling raises doubts and hence I wanted to share it. If there was any other business purpose behind these movements which I was unable to understand, please do accept my apology.

[name withheld] faced a same situation after [name withheld] take over and I missed to mention in the list I shared in my earlier mails.

Thanks and regards,

[name withheld]

This is the reply for that mail.

Thanks [name withheld], the enquiry process is still on & would take some more time. We will revert to you at an appropriate time.


[name withheld]


Third mail

Hello Sir,

Thanks for the reply. My rigorousness in follow-up might sound weird. But there are strong logic behind it. I would call it an attempt of reformation.

Any company that makes profit without any contribution towards the society’s development is similar to a crime and that is why Government mounts CSR on corporate. Serving needy in one hand to meet CSR and making employees jobless after long tenures is just a double standard. It can be argued that people are paid for what they do, I agree, but employees doesn’t just invest their hard work but also their age which cannot be paid back. Sending us out as a result of racism and arrogance is an absolute failure of CSR.

Our long sustainability itself is a credence to our contribution towards company’s growth and getting identified as poor performers after a decade sound incoherent.

Thanks for the actions that is going to help the younger generation of the company to march towards a healthy future.


Hello Sir,

I have gathered few more input to ease the work of the investigation team. Before sharing them I would like a share a short note on me because you shouldn’t feel my attempt as a regular anger that most of the expelled employees would express. I am not angry but indignant.

I was with the company for 12 years and I was reporting to [name withheld] (left the company), [name withheld] (with the company), [name withheld] (MAS093) – with the company, [name withheld] (with the company) and Ramki (with the company). You can reach out to anyone to get a feedback on me and if there is an iota of negative feedback on my attitude, you can simply stop this investigation and put an end to it.

Anyone can walk-in to 6th floor and call any of the CSAs for a feedback on me. The feedback would be positive, I am confident.

Please take a look on my farewell mail given below as a credence.

[name withheld], a Team Member was working in NAM reporting to Shanmugam in 2016. She joined office after maternity on April. She raised concerns against [name withheld] from an external email id listing the allegations against him such as humiliating the Team Members in the meetings and spoiling the unity within the Team Members.

The mode of raising the concern was incorrect but there has been an allegation which demands inquiry. But instead there was a biased action under the spearhead of [name withheld]. She was put in PIP and was forced to resign.

The same [name withheld] is sitting strongly in the team despite several resignations under his leadership within a span of few months of taking control of Central West Africa.

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) was moved out in a month of [name withheld] taking over Non-NAM and was replaced with [name withheld].

[name withheld] (Non-Malyalee) a Team Leader was moved out of the team.

All these huge changes except [name withheld]’s incident, happened in a small stint of 9 months of which three months there was a standstill as a result of Cyber attack. Excluding that, a period of 6 months is too less to weigh a performance and hence we suspect a Racism.

I use this word We because I did not raise this concern just as I thought. I spoke to around 30 to 40 employees including Team Leaders and Managers and most of them told a “Yes” on the suspect.

As a frustration I shared my concerns in Social Media and few of my friends called me to raise it to you assuring there would be a justice.

Hoping for a fair trial and please save the existing employees who are at risk and let me be the last victim of arrogance.


Hi [name withheld],

Thanks for raising this concern, we will do a detailed enquiry in to this by an independent team from either Mumbai or Pune and revert to you. The enquiry team will get in touch with you for more details. Appreciate you raising these concerns and you can be rest assured that Maersk will take the right and appropriate decision s after doing a thorough enquiry.


[name withheld]

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