“proactively strengthen ourselves” – May Day message from IT Employees

1. “proactively strengthen ourselves”

The labour laws of today are written as a result of a prolonged and uncompromising struggle and blood shed of the working class.

As the corporates increased their influence on economy, whatever deters their profitability like 8 hours work, job security and work place rights permanent labour & job security , labour laws etc are reduced to mere toilet papers.

In the present scenario, irrespective of the industry, workers are exploited and their basic rights are denied. In spite of slogging day & night, they face job loss and wage cuts. Yearly retrenchment of employees is a standard corporate practice !

The growth of corporates in the IT sector in the past 20 to 25 years is proportionate to the increase in exploitation. The kind of luxuries like easy car & home loans, weekend gala, cab facilities, gift coupons, on – site projects in foreign countries and what not ? All of these perks have been cut off one by one, and now the knife is cutting flesh.

TCS laid off 25k of its employees in 2015. IBM followed its footsteps. Post appraisal this year, CTS is in the process of retrenching upto 20k of its workforce. WIPRO is sending 600 employees home.

These corporates, governments, judiciary, police all of them unitedly wage this war against our livelihoods. Hence to win over our rights by fighting this injustice, we do have to unite ourselves under the IT union. For us not to face what our peers are facing today, we need to proactively strengthen ourselves and rewrite the destiny thrust upon us by the corporates.

Written by – Priya

2. On this May Day, Let’s Unionize.

Its easy to fire a single employee, But its not easy to fire a group.

When layoff are round the corner, Its essential for us to be in one platform as united.

For our Jobs…,For our survival…Unionize

Why we need Union?

We need to unionize to check the unscientific appraisal system in IT/ITES sector. And to have life without the ” Fear Of Loosing Our Job “.

The IT/ITES companies hire and fire at their own will based on investor pressure. We cannot live a life on the investor’s will. Its our job, our life.

We need to be organized and united to fight this cruel practice. We need a strong union for IT workers to fight for our rights.

What is NDLF IT Employees Wing ?

New Democratic Labour Front is a revolutionary labour union with activities all over Tamil Nadu and Puduchery. The IT Employees Wing of NDLF was started in January 2015. NDLF IT Employees Wing is presently fighting for the rights of IT workers and legally battling the mass layoff by IT/ITES companies.

Written By – Raj

NDLF IT Employees Wing
contact : 9003198576 combatlayoff@gmail.com

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