MNC Harasses Employee and Terminates Service Illegally

Ram [name changed] was a part of French customer service team of a leading logistics multinational. He was with the company’s Chennai office for 2 years and 7 months.

Last year, he was given a low rating in the appraisal process. He was not given the reasons for the low rating. When he protested, the manager told him that he should take PIP and if he clears the PIP there will be no trouble.

Ram continued to work in production, not understanding what is wrong with his work. The PIP months have been stressful. He was told that he would be retained if he performs better.

The PIP ended sometime in October last year, and he continued working. In January the pressure started again. The management started threatening him that they will give him a low rating again and he should prepare to leave the job.

On February 2nd, he was called in for the appraisal meeting and was told to leave the organization on the same day. He asked about the compensation and he was told that it’s not in the policy.

Even as we are fighting against such illegal layoffs, many employees suffer due to ignorance of their rights under law. Had Ram filed a grievance petition with labour department against the unfair low rating given to him and the subsequent unreasonable PIP, he would have got legal protection from termination.

Now, he can file a petition under section 2A of the Industrial Disputes Act against forced resignation with labour department.

The company behaved in an irresponsible manner ruining the career of the employee leaving him jobless. We publish this information to create awareness among employees about their rights.

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