“Mobilising Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) Employees in Large Numbers” – Demonstration

Demonstration by NDLF – IT Employees Wing against Layoffs in Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) and calling upon IT Employees to Unionize

Condemning Layoffs in Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) and calling upon IT Employees to Unionize a demonstration was held by New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing, on May 18, 2017 from 5 pm to 7 pm near Sholinganallur signal, Chennai.

About 20 – 25 IT Employees from various IT companies were looking on as members from IT Employees Wing and members of NDLF – Vehicle Drivers and Technicians Union  assembled for the demonstration. NDLF – IT Employees Wing organizer Comrade Karpaga Vinayagam conducted the demonstration.

Legal advisor to NDLF Lawyer Sakthi Suresh spoke. “IT layoffs issue is not restricted to Tamil Nadu alone. Employees from Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru are affected making this an all India issue. Hence, central and state governments should intervene immediately.

Unlike other sectors, in IT sector there is no strong union of IT employees. Employees remain isolated and with individual outlook. However, in the recent past, IT employees in Chennai are joining protests against ban on Jallikattu, opposing Neduvasal Hydrocarbon project, supporting farmers struggle etc. This demonstration is a beginning for mobilising IT employees into the union in large numbers”

Comrade Deyveegan belonging to Vehicle drivers union spoke about why workers need union, and how vehicle drivers union was able to assert many rights by struggling as a union.

Journalists from BBC World, Raj News, Sun News, Kalaignar TV, Polymer, Puthiya Thalaimuriai and other outlets covered the demonstration. Comrade Karpaga Vinayagam and Lawyer Sakthi Suresh spoke to the media. Some affected employees were also interviews.

Slogans condemning retrenchments and demanding state intervention were raised in Tamil and English.

The barricades erected by police was very useful to hang the placards prepared for the demonstration.

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They were conveying the messages printed on them to the 20-25 IT employees who hovered around the venue hesitating to sit in the chairs.

Comment by a IT Employee on the demo

“NDLF is definitely doing good in organizing various events. But definitely there is no unity among IT employees. 99% of the people who has participated in the protest are from non IT background.

Even for giving petition to labour office from Wipro team, only 3 employees from this group came and less than 8 people across all companies. Finally only 1 employee from CTS filed actual grivience when CTS team visited the labour office. People should understand that all these are happening only for us and if we continue to show this response, we cannot able to achieve what we want. I am not sure out of 40 people in this group, how many resigned and what is the last day of their work. But definitely awarness created to IT employees on fighting against layoffs by NDLF and over some period of time, unity may come among IT employees”

1. NDLF – IT Employees Wing organizer Karpaga Vinayagam speaking to media (in Tamil)

2. NDLF – legal advisor lawyer Sakthi Suresh speaking to media (in Tamil)

3. NDLF – legal advisor lawyer Sakthi Suresh speech at the demonstration

New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing

90031 98576 combatlayoff@gmail.com

1. Wipro, CTS

Stop Stop Stop Stop
Stop job losses

Stop Stop Stop Stop
Stop forced resignations

Down Down Down Down
Down with Band Inertia
Down Down Down Down
Down with 4th Bucket

Rating Rating Appraisal Rating
Rating Rating Profit Making

down down down down
Layoffs down down
down down down down
Forced Resignations down down
down down down down
Capitalism down down

take back take back
Resigned employees take back

Lose Lose Jobs
Employees lose jobs
Make Profit Make Profit
Billionaires make profit

2. Central, State Governments
Stop Stop Stop Stop
Stop labour law violations
End End End End
End illegal job losses

Free Land, No Tax
Companies get Free land
Companies Get No Tax
Pink Slip Pink Slip
Employees get Pink Slip

3. Organize organize,
organize as union
mobilize mobilize
mobilize as union
Struggle Struggle Struggle
Struggle for labour rights
Struggle Struggle Struggle
Struggle with the masses

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