Month Long TN Farmers Protest in Delhi – Video

Why the farmers are protesting in Delhi?

Because, the Modi government refuses to set up Cauvery Management Board
Because, the Modi government signed MOU’s for hydrocarbon project in Neduvasal
Because, the Modi government refuses to set remunerative prices for farm outputs
Because, the Modi government government refuses farm loan waiver.

What about state government?

We know that the Tamil Nadu state government is totally dysfunctional. Even otherwise, the finances of state governments have been made extremely weak, the states depend on central funds to implement even road projects or to buy buses for transport corporations.

Policies of both central and state governments are predetermined and are in favour of corporates and against farmers and working people.

What should we do?

Stand in solidarity with the protesting farmers in Delhi and conduct demonstrations, rallies, meetings all over Tamil Nadu. Come out in thousands in support of farmers demands.

Video from Facebook


These farmers from Tamil Nadu are holding skulls they claim belonged to poor farmers who had committed suicide.

These Tamil [farmers] came to Delhi two months ago to demand a drought relief package for farmers.

Since then, they have protested in bizarre ways

They paraded around with human skulls and protested with {live} mice and dead snake bits in their mouth to express their desperation.
Some farmers shaved off half their heads and mustaches while other stripped outside Prime Minister Modi’s office after they could not meet him.
Recently, the farmers ate rice and sambhar straight off the road to demonstrate their poverty .

The farmers say they will take harsher measures till their demands aren’t met

Script Rakhi Bose
Editing Manbodh Panwar
ScoopWhoop news

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