Cognizant : Raj Mehta’s Dead Wood Implementation – A Real Story

This gentleman is in touch with our union for more than a year now. He is one role model for every threatened employees on how to stand up and resist HR bullies. Be firm, professional and keep records.

Read his experience which is self explanatory

I plan to write about my experience at Cognizant in last 2+ years, while I am on bench. During this period Cognizant has tried all possible tricks to force me to resign but have not succeeded till date. As of today, they are building ground to terminate me showcasing that I have not been able to upgrade myself to the current technology demands.

What Cognizant is Celebrating?

I want to write the entire story in series of short essays, each one highlighting a specific wrongdoing. The one below is an example of how the HR is setting fake evaluation sessions to

  1. frustrate and keep humiliating me,
  2. prove me redundant

Background :

Cognizant GWFM (HR team who manages people on bench) arranged my meeting with one of the delivery managers (DM) to evaluate me for an opportunity under his project portfolio.

After entering the meeting room, we exchanged greetings and one hour conversations followed, the summary of which is mentioned below.

DM: Why is your appraisal rating so bad?

Me: I am rated MA, which means I have met all the expectations.

DM: See, at Cognizant, we are doing donkey’s work and any donkey will get MA in that case. Cognizant is in process of transformation, with focus on DIGITAL and CLOUD technology. There is no future for you in Cognizant, it’s end of road for you. You must resign.

ME: I am willing to get trained on new technologies and have successful track record of technology shift in Cognizant. I started as mainframe programmer, then worked on C and Microsoft stack, then Java, CRM, TIBCO, business development, program management etc. As and when required I have always learned new technology and switched role to be productive.

DM: Look, scenario has changed. We will hire deployable / productive people from market. We don’t have budget for your training cost and holding you on project during your training period.

ME: Cognizant Academy and Career Architecture Programs in Cognizant are designed to help people get trained. And Cognizant is firing only those who have not adjusted to current technology demand. I am willing to get trained.

DM: Don’t go by news articles. Treat me like your ELDER BROTHER and take my advice. You should resign now, without wasting even a minute. If I had been in your position, I would have resigned now. Cognizant is rotten for you. What is the point of spending time in Cognizant when you know that no opportunity will be coming your way. It’s an end of story / tunnel for you at Cognizant.

ME: I will think about your proposal to resign and contact HR. Since HR has arranged this meeting to discuss opportunity and my fitment, shall we talk about it?

DM: I need skilled and cost effective associates in my project. Young, energetic, without liability, willing to work as much extended hours without any comp-offs/additional cost to protect. I hope you understand. You are wasting everyone’s time. You should resign NOW.

I ended the conversation saying that I needed time to think. I kept wondering why no opportunity will be offered to me and how did he knew it beforehand. Was it planned to pressurize me to resign.

The HR team had setup fake evaluation. Why would he say that Cognizant was rotten for me? Why it is end of road for me. I immediately called my elder brother to seek his advise. He told me not to Resign.

I want to know what action should be taken against such fake ‘ELDER BROTHER’ and against Cognizant for blocking all opportunities for me to force me to resign.

Am I really DEAD WOOD?

P.S. The entire conversation with the DM is recorded and can be represented as an evidence for everything I have written here.

– A Fighting Senior Cognizant Employee

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