ND IEC – Action Plan

Dear Friends,

We announced the formation of New Democratic IT Employees Circle in May 2017. About 375 people have registered for the circle till August 28, 2018.

There are members from Bengaluru (106 members), Hyderabad (52 members), Pune (51 members), Kolkata (15 members) and NCR region (25 members). There are registrations from other Indian cities such as Ahmedabad, Bhubeneswar, Gangtok, Indore, Kochi, Madurai, Nagpur, Patna, Salem, Thiruvanandapuram, Jaipur, Thirunelveli etc) as well as from outside India (US, Uruguway, Singapore, London etc).

We have 98 members from Wipro, 33 members from Tech Mahindra, 28 members from Cognizant, 15 from Capegemini, 13 members from TCS, 9 from Infosys, 17 from HCL, 9 from IBM. Other members are from various large and medium sized companies.

97 members expressed interest in Social Media Campaigns, 97 want to contribute by writing articles and 87 are ready to contribute technically. 69 members came forward to do work on the ground.

You may wonder what we have been doing for one year.

Those who follow our website new-democrats.com would know significant milestones NDLF achieved for IT employees.

  • made the government declare that all labour laws are application to IT sector
  • filed and successfully conducted dispute under section 2K of ID act on behalf of Wipro employees (more than 50 Wipro employees in different locations benefitted by retaining their jobs inspite of threat by management),
  • guided 100s of employees who faced HR harassment
  • regular monthly meetings for union members which becomes a rallying point for the members
    and so on.

Last Saturday (August 25, 2018), the union members elected a second team of office bearers to lead the activities in the coming year.

On this occasion, we form groups for Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and NCR region with the following objectives.


  1. Form a steering committee for the location (1-3 members) which will organize the activities in the location
  2. Create a email address (for eg: nditc-bengaluru@gmail.com to represent the group.
  3. Have separate facebook page, twitter account, whatsapp group for the location for the group.
  4. Have a website (for eg:nditc-bengaluru.com) or have a page in new-democrats.com – to be decided by the members and steering committee)


  1. Discuss issues relavant to the location as well as other issues
  2. Organize physical meeting of members once in a month and conference calls as and when needed
  3. Co-ordinate with groups in other locations and NDLF union in Chennai.
  4. Preparation to form a union in the state in the medium term.

Those who expressed interest for social media work, technical work, on ground work, media relations and donations can take charge of those activities for their respective locations.

We also form separate mailing lists for Social Media Campaign, Technical Work, Article Writing in which members from all location will participate. We can create content, share knowledge for groups in all the locations.

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