Join IT Union’s First Meeting in 2018

Dear Union Members,

In 2017, through tireless efforts of our office bearers and members and by taking up various legal battles, NDLF IT Employees Wing managed to secure some rights of IT Employees. By campaigning among IT employees, meetings of members, demonstrations, representations to government officials, we gained new experiences and knowledge. We identified areas of improvement in our work, and also new areas which require our attention.

Our union fights not only for issues affecting IT employees such as job security, working hours and work load, but we also raise our voice against various political issues affecting all sections of society including IT employees. We campaigned highlighting the plight of farmers all over India, especially in Thanjavur delta.

Anitha, a medical aspirant from Tamil Nadu lost her life, in her fight against NEET, a countrywide entrance test for medical admission. On behalf of our union, we held a protest meeting, exposed the corporate and Hindutva agenda behind NEET and highlighted the adverse effect it would have on the poor and middle classes, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Similarly, we do not stop at superficial handing of issues affecting IT employees, we expose the corporate profit motive which is the root of employees woes. Our experience during 2017 made our union members realize for whom the labour department, judiciary and politicians work. It made us understand the need to question the state serving the needs of corporate at the cost of working masses.

As the crisis on economic front worsens, political instability increases, state oppression intensifies and caste, and communal passions are stoked. We should resolve to face all challenges in the coming year. Under these circumstances, the first monthly meeting of our union is scheduled to be held on January 20, 2018 at 3 pm at Perumbakkam.

We will discuss the following topics and union activities. We urge all union members to take part in the meeting without fail and contribute towards the growth of our union.

  1. Tamil Nadu Bus workers struggle – Why the state is not able to meet the just demands of workers?
  2. Verizon’s layoff – What should we do?
  3. Union activities

R Sugendiran, Secretary,
NDLF IT Employees Wing

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