NDLF IT Employees Wings Condemns Congnizant Technology Solutions increase in working  hours

We urge Cognizant to withdraw the exploitative 10-hour work schedule

Cognizant has implemented a new policy that requires employees to work 10 (9+ 1 hour meal break) hours from February 15, 2021.

While the eight-hour work law was in force, the IT Companies have been forcing their employees to work more than 10 hours a day, and now that the law will soon be repealed. Cognizant (CTS) has begun to take the lead in further intensifying employee exploitation.

While other sectors largely halted production during the Corona epidemic, IT / software companies gained more productivity than usual by making their employees from Work From Home. For example, when we went to the office, the Onsite Status Call scheduled was at 10 a.m. But when it is WFH it was preponed to 8 a.m. Thus the employees were made to work as soon as they woke up. Employees working on support projects were to be available and contacted any time (on-call support). Summing it up, employees who have worked more than 10 hours while working from the office are required to work at least 12 hours during work from home. The turmoil did not stop with this,  Cognizant (CTS) further illegally laid off tens of thousands of employees in June 2020 and left them stranded.

Employees fear that opposition to the new policy implemented by Cognizant (CTS) will rob them of their jobs, and this fear is a major strength of the management.

Dear IT’ans, What would stand as a guarantee that this ten-hour workday will not be increased to 12 hours in the next few years? We need to confront and win over this onslaught of employees of CTS and other such IT firms.

Living in persistent fear of losing our jobs doesn’t guarantee of not losing it. Instead, our life is at stake because of the inhuman workload. NDLF IT Employees wing strongly condemns this threat and reiterates that we fight this battle and win !

NDLF I. T. Employees Wing.
Contact: +91-90030 09641.
Email: ndlfitunion@gmail.com
Website: www.new-democrats.com




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