NEET kills quality in Medical Education- Public Meeting

“The reasons put forward for imposing NEET on us by Supreme Court and its supporters are

  •  to control spiralling fees charged by private medical colleges
  •  to ensure quality of medical admission
  • to unify various admission processes into a single countrywide test

However, in practice we find that

  • government colleges and colleges run with public service motive like CMC charge only low fees. What needs to be controlled is the exorbitant fees charged by private colleges. But even with NEET, private colleges still charge high fees, costing more than Rs 1 crore (minimum) for the full course.
  • An objective type test for medical admission disregarding plus two marks leads to private schools ignoring +1, +2 teaching and directly coaching students for NEET preparation. This dilutes quality of education right from school level. The students admitted into medical colleges will not have scientific training, but only be skilled in tackling the multiple choice questions. This will adversely affect the quality of medical education.
  • NEET type multiple choice question based tests will lead to increased demand for private coaching institutes. Only rich who can afford to spend lakhs of rupees for coaching can get into medical colleges. NEET excludes the majority of poor students from becoming doctors. Even children of middle class parents who may not be able to afford the coaching rat race will be left out.
  • NEET is used by Modi led BJP government in the centre to weaken and eliminate the schemes to ensure social justice to historically oppressed sections of society followed in states like Tamil Nadu.
  • It creates a privileged layer of super rich only who can access professional education. This will destroy any semblance of social justice for our historically oppressed sections of society.
  • A single countrywide test is not suitable for India, having multiple languages and diverse national cultures. Only a state level admission policy can serve the specific needs of each state.

Finally, NEET based admissions into higher education is yet another step towards further opening up our education system to private for-profit entities. We have seen the disastrous consequences of private engineering colleges, private medical colleges and corporate hospitals. We should resolutely oppose any move to take us further down the same path.


  1. Demand scrapping of NEET for medical admissions
  2. Oppose plans to extend similar tests for admissions to other higher education courses
  3. Demand fees for medical education be drastically reduced and colleges be funded by the government. Only that will enable all students to complete their education and serve our rural population and urban working class who make up 90% of our population.
  4. The education policy of the states should ensure priority to socially oppressed castes and groups in admission to institutions of higher learning.

New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing

Public Meeting

Scrap NEET for Medical Admissions

Date : 15-09-2017 Friday
Time :   6 pm to 9 pm Venue : Near Sholinganallur Signal

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