NDLF member ensures safety of women employees

One of our union members raised an important worker safety issue with the management of Sensiple in Chennai. Within 10 days the management took corrective action and rectified the situation pointed out by our member.

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We thank the management for the prompt action.

Sent: Tuesday 26 December 2017
Subject: Ensure safety

Dear HR team,

We are an labour union – IT wing named “New Democratic Labour Front” and we fight for the rights of IT working population. We have been reported that women of your company leave for home in the evenings after 7 PM and are not provided cabs to drop them. As it’s well known that women walking in the isolated areas are vulnerable to various risks and hence we would like to insist that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure safety to them.

Any untoward incident because of your negligence would put you, as well in trouble and hence we urge you to inspect the situation and take an immediate action as required. Kindly do acknowledge the receipt of this mail so we can be sure the mail had reached the right desk and action would be taken.

Thanks and regards,
[name removed], member of NDLF – IT wing

January 6, 2018

I hope you all remember the mail I wrote to a company named Sensiple. I did not receive any receive any reply but the company had started providing drop to the employees leaving after 7.

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