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NDLF upholds the rights of Wipro empoyees

  • Corporates said labour laws are not applicable to IT sector!
    NDLF made the government to announce that all labour laws including Industrial Disputes Act are applicable to IT sector!
  • Corporates maintained that IT employees can not form trade unions,
    For the first time in India, we enrolled IT employees as union members in NDLF!
  • Wipro said, union can not file disputes without substantial number of employees
    We countered with the supreme court verdict which said union can file dispute even for a single employee!
  • Wipro said there are no forced resignations,
    Thus, we established that forced Resignations are illegal!
  • Wipro said keeping in bench is a normal practice in IT sector,
    We countered employees are neither slaves nor serfs, can not be denied project at the whim of management
    Now, the whole concept of bench is challenged!
  • Wipro said salary will be cut during bench period,
    We made the labour officer adivse that even a single rupee should not be cut!

Struggle by NDLF – IT Employees Wing against Wipro is applicable to all IT/ITES companies

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