New-age information technology jobs are there, but why layoffs?


Anybody can code’: Landing an IT job in India will require new skills. The $150-billion Indian IT industry’s appetite for workers skilled in areas like data science and artificial intelligence is growing.

“With new-age information technology jobs on the horizon, techie resumes are due for a makeover. Soon, it won’t be enough to flaunt an engineering degree or knowledge of Java and Python. Automation is set to take over jobs that primarily involve mundane, repetitive tasks. Globally, 12% of employers worldwide expect to downsize in light of technological advancement. The fears are more intense in India: between 20% and 30% of Indian bosses believe automation will reduce headcount.”


The IT sector is seeing thousands of its employees off and shedding its senior workforce too. This article touches upon it and claims new technologies are opening up new doors of opportunities and that the professionals to handle them are not in enough numbers. In that case, why are the employers reluctant to retain their workforce, reskill them for the new emerging technologies? Why should they be sent out ?

The head hunters who are speaking in this article are refusing to touch upon this point, why ? This article confirms the demand for new age technology professionals and why companies are resorting to massive lay off measures instead of exploiting the new opportunities?

Because, the companies want to maximize profits and maximize it in the next quarter. Layoffs are the preferred way of doing it now. They will not bother about retraining employees for the new positions as long as they can recruit fresh graduates at much lower salaries and make them work for long hours.

– Muthu

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